Florida lawn care issues date back to as long as there have been lawns in the Sunshine State. With our relentless heat, great winters, and a strange and eclectic variety of pests that call this area home, keeping your lawn well-maintained is a year-round, day-to-day job. And even though the Jacksonville Beach is in the very northernmost part of the state, the area is no different. In fact, the area presents some unique challenges all its own when it comes to Jacksonville Beach lawn care: close to the fresh water of the St. John’s River, as well as the salinity of the Atlantic Ocean, the local weather and soil composition can lead to some interesting lawn situations.

Jacksonville is also only about 40 miles from the namesake of the area’s most common lawn grass: St. Augustine. It’s actually called buffalo turf when grown in Australia, but since it was developed here, we’ll stick with the St. Augustine name. This turf type is great for sub-tropical climates because of its resiliency to both heat and periods of heavy rain. In fact, it soaks up such enormous amounts of water that this can be one of its main drawbacks: it doesn’t take our occasionally drought-filled spring season terrifically and requires that you run water over it nearly constantly (hence the ubiquitous sprinklers).

As tough as it is, St. Augustine grass planted in Jacksonville Beach has a few other enemies to contend with as well. Chinch bugs, with the easily identifiable circle patterns of dead grass they create, are a main culprit. As are sod webworms (who eat blades of St. Augustine grass with extreme proficiency) and any number of other creepy creatures. Keeping your grass mowed low in the winter months and consistently at medium heights in the summer (too low during the Florida summer, and some grass will burn up) can help with all pest management.

One of the best overall strategies in Jacksonville Beach lawn care is consistent management done by experts in the field such as Apex Pest Control. We’re just scratching the surface of possible threats to your lawn here: threats that change rapidly with seasons and ongoing conditions. To be totally secure requires that you take lawn maintenance as a second job, something most of us are just not in the mood to do. Weekend warriors can only get so far. Our friendly local technicians, on the other hand, will add a level of dedication to your lawn care that may be missing at the moment. Finding problem areas, defending your lawn from ongoing pest threats, and keeping your lawn free from fleas are only a few of the many invaluable services we can provide. By going with a local, family-owned company with decades of experience in the Jacksonville Beach area, you are ensuring that you and your family will be in the best of care.