cockroach-70295_1280Scientists have professed that if the world faced a devastating end, cockroaches would manage to survive. These pests have been around since before dinosaurs roamed the earth. Although they can live through almost any circumstances, Orlando pest control company, Apex Pest Control, wants to ensure they are not part of your household. Read the tips below to learn how to keep roaches from infiltrating, or remaining within, your home.

  • Starve roaches by refrigerating all the food you normally leave on your counter, such as flour canisters, leftovers, and bread. Keep the food in your cabinets in airtight containers, clean hard surfaces regularly, and ensure no standing water exists in your yard or home. Roaches can live for three weeks without food, but only seven days with no water.
  • Remove clutter from around your home’s exterior, such as lawn litter and leafy branches. Inside the home, remove items such as wet towels on the floor, discarded food wrappers, and dirty clothes.
  • Insecticides are one of the few ways to readily kill roaches. Traps, baits, and granular insecticide inside and outside the home will prevent roaches from entering, and kill the ones already inside your home.
  • Professional Orlando pest control companies, such as Apex Pest Control, are trained to combat roaches and other incessant disease-carrying pests. When under a pest control contract, the company will return and spray your home until roaches are no longer problematic.
  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed and away from the home. Bushes or limbs that touch the home create a bridge for roaches to cross from the ground or trees to your home’s exterior and interior.

Although roaches dominate most of the world, they do not need to exist in your home. Call the leaders in Orlando pest control, Apex Pest Control, at (407) 292-7770. Browse the rest of the Apex website to ensure your home and yard are roach-free and to learn about many topics ranging from lawn care to home pest control.