ants-790353_1920While ants are bothersome and sometimes deliver a painful bite, termites are much more devastating to your home. In Florida, you may encounter a swarm of flying insects that resemble flying ants. How can you determine if they truly are ants or possibly termites? The information below from Apex Pest Control, the Orlando pest control company that keeps you informed, will help you identify the problem pests lurking in your yard.

The easiest way to classify the insects you spot may be as simple as looking at a calendar: termites tend to take to the air in the spring, while ants swarm in the warm summer months.

  • The wings of termites differ from those of ants: termite wings are uniform in size and extend twice the length of the body. The topmost wings of an ant, in comparison, are longer than their bottom wings. Both sets of wings are approximately the same length as the ant’s body.
  • Ant wings are firmly affixed to their bodies, but termite wings break off with a light touch. If you see discarded wings blowing across your carport or floating in your pool, it’s probably termites.
  • Ant wings have dark veins running through them while termite wings appear clear.
  • Ant antennae have a crook in them while termites have straight antennae.
  • Ants have a cinched “waist” between the thorax and abdomen; termite bodies are mostly uniform with little discernment between thorax and abdomen.

Knowing the type of insects you have swarming around your home is imperative in treating the problem. Learn more about insect identification and termite control by reading our blogs, and contact the staff at the premier Orlando pest control company, Apex Pest Control, at (866) 675-4070 with any questions or concerns. Remember, if you see termites anywhere near your home, chances are you have an infestation already.