queen of termiteFlorida has a unique climate that mimics many others around the tropical and subtropical basins of the planet. A temperate winter, combined with an abundance of water sources (both fresh and salt), and ample food sources, act as a new home for pests that have hitchhiked over time from around the world. Some of these can be rather benign, with little notable effect on native environments, as well as your home, but some are not. Below is a quick list of three such species you may have seen around this summer, but not in summers of the past. The highly knowledgeable insect specialists here at your local Tampa Pest Control company know the remedy and solution for each.

  • Giant African Land Snails: This giant snail of the mollusk family is a relative newcomer to the Florida environment; it only began to be spotted around 2011. Native to West Africa, as the name implies, the land snails can grow in length to 3.5 inches in diameter and nearly seven inches long. The easiest way to identify them is their distinctive spiral shells of a brownish hue. They are a high-priority pest for quarantine in the Tampa area, as well as statewide, because of their ability to decimate large swaths and plant and crops (nearly 500 varieties fall on the menu, by one count). The snails also carry a parasitic nematode that can lead to a form of meningitis from human touch.
  • Gambian Pouched Rats: Originally released in the Florida Keys, Gambian Pouched Rats reproduce quickly and can take over an area of Florida property with ease. They are quite large, ranging up to about three pounds, and were banned for import by the CDC in 2003 because they were linked to an outbreak of monkeypox.
  • Conehead (Tree) Termites: The conehead termite consumes mass quantities of your house. Native to the Caribbean and discovered locally in the early 2000s, they eat and can thrive on nearly anything: fences, trees, wood, paper, garbage, and they colonize quickly. They are named for their pointy heads and detectable by the dark brown feeding trails they leave behind.

These unique and invasive pests and more can be handled by the Tampa pest control team at Apex Pest Control. Using a variety of measures, our specialists can remedy any odd insect problem your property may be encountering. Call 866-675-4070 for a direct quote, or feel free to continue browsing our site for more information regarding our pest control services.