termites-34672_1280There is nothing quite as miserable for homeowners is when they have discovered they have fallen victim to a hoard of termites. A threat from within, often once discovered when the damage has already been substantial, they are the creatures of nightmares. And in Orlando, and all of Florida, the termite threat is particularly acute: no structure is completely immune to the possibility. It’s important to have your current home consistently inspected for termites and crucial that you do so when moving into a new potential property. The Orlando pest control team at Apex can assist with all aspects of termite identification and eradication. Below are five things we look for when trying to identify a possible problem.

  • Mud tunnels: These are a common sign of termite invasion. Mud tunnels are subterranean systems by which the termites connect to portions of the home above. They are fairly easily to identify as the name suggests, as they look essentially like thin lines of mud. Confirmation of mud tunnels makes the probability of an infestation very high.
  • Wood hollowed out: Finding hollowed wood is troublesome. Simply knocking on furniture or walls is one way to discern whether this has happened within your home, but hollow wood deeper in a home may be more difficult to detect without professional help.
  • Insect wings: This is a very obscure part of a termite invasion, as many insects leave discarded wings. But termites do have a very specific wing, and discovering them in a distinct area of your home consistently is definitely a signal that there may be a problem.
  • Swarms of termites: If you see swarms of termites, you have termites. Call the Orlando pest control professionals at Apex as soon as you can get to your phone, assuming they haven’t already gotten to that too.
  • Frass: These are the droppings of drywood termites common to this area. You’ll find drywood termites in higher dry areas of your home (2nd stories, attics, etc.), and a tell-tale sign of a possible infestation is their frass. Frass looks essentially like small wooden pellets, which is exactly what it is. Lots of frass could mean lots of trouble.

The colonization of termites in Florida, particularly the drywood variety, is always a threat, so an annual inspection is always a good idea. The professionals at Apex are the best in the business, and our decades of experience in this state give us an edge. Give us a call today at 888-764-2847, and set your mind at ease with our Orlando pest control services.