dog-1559746_1920Fleas are one of the worst plagues to be inflicted on any of our beloved pets. Beyond the obvious irritation and pain they can cause, fleas also carry a host of diseases that can be dangerous both to our pets and to the families that surround them. Not only that, but fleas, once they’ve gotten a real hold into your home, are exceptionally difficult to get rid of. They can thrive in either a yard or a home and are fairly resilient creatures. If you suspect that you have an ongoing flea issue around your home, often the best remedy is to contact experts in flea treatment and Orlando pest control at Apex. But before you get there, there are some things you can do to prevent fleas in the first place.

Treat Your Pets

Prevention starts here. Your pets can be made more resilient to fleas with a variety of methods, and once fleas have no pets to cling to, they really have no reason themselves to find a home on your property. Flea combs and treatments work extremely well, and simply keeping your pet well-groomed (no matter how much they hate it) can go a long way, especially if your best friend has long hair.

Treat Your Yard

If your pets continue to find a way to get fleas on them, and this most likely will be the common household flea (Siphonaptera), the next step is to turn your attention to your yard. The prime home for fleas, keeping the yard mowed low with solid landscaping and a lack of clutter should cut down on your flea issue immensely. Flea larvae are destroyed with basic contact to sunlight and air; the more sun the better in that case. Also, feral pets and other general wildlife will continue to track fleas onto your property if they are given entry. Cut back on any of this movement as much as possible.

Treat Your Carpet

Fleas love a dirty house, so you can easily make your home less attractive by establishing a routine cleaning schedule. More importantly, they lay their larvae in carpets and rugs which can often be very difficult to detect. If you are experiencing flea issues, getting obsessive over the scrubbing and vacuuming of your carpet surfaces is a good idea.


Orlando pest control gurus at Apex have a variety of treatments for flea issues; our technicians have years of experience and options at their disposal. From yard to the interior of your home, we are the best choice when trusting the health of your pets from the scourge of fleas. Contact us today for a free inspection at (866) 675-4070; we’ll always get back to you within 24 hours.