Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 1.59.20 PMEvery so often, a scuttling sound is heard above your head. Could it be coming from the roof, or is it inside the attic? If it is in the attic, what is it and how did it enter? Should you enter the attic or wait? Read below for information from Orlando pest control leaders, Apex Pest Control, on how to keep critters from even entering your attic.

  • Tour the exterior of your home to ensure all soffit vents are intact. The thin metal on most vent covers easily bends, and if an animal is inside the attic, their exit may bend the vent covers and allow for easy access for smaller animals.
  • Animals are extremely happy with the dry shelter an attic provides. By removing overhanging trees and trimming back bushes that normally touch your home’s exterior, you are hindering their ability to enter your home.
  • During a sunny day, climb into the attic and look for beams of light that would indicate a break in the roofline and possible entry site for animals. Be alert to any signs of nests, such as a pile of pine needles or other organic matter carefully placed by a busy mother-to-be.
  • Your home’s interior walls may extend into the attic. If you hear scratching within interior walls, chances are your home is also home to mice.
  • If you see signs of scat, gather a bit in a plastic bag and learn to identify what animal deposited it in your attic. A good rule of thumb is the bigger the animal, the larger the scat.
  • Once the animal is identified, purchase traps to kill or capture the invader, and call Orlando pest control company, Apex Pest Control, to keep future pests from using your attic as a haven.

If you believe you are harboring animals in your attic, contact Orlando pest control company, Apex Pest Control, at (407) 292-7700 for their immediate and ongoing removal. Browse the rest of Apex’s website for more tips on home maintenance that keeps or removes critters from your home.