child-778610_1280Florida’s simmering summer heat calls loudly for pool ownership. Most Florida pools are outside and susceptible to natural inhabitants, be they amphibians, reptiles, or bugs. While the larger, four-legged inhabitants are easily removed from your pool, the smaller insects and arachnids are more abundant and often difficult to remove without Orlando pest removal professional’s assistance. Apex Pest Control has years of experience with pool insect control and can diminish your pest populations. Following is a list of tips to relieve many of your pool insect problems.

  • Bright Lights: Many flying insects are attracted to bright lights. Moving your lights 20 to 30 feet from your pool will keep these flying dive-bombers from dipping into your pool. If your pool has an underwater light, turn it off when the pool is not in use, or utilize a timer to illuminate the pool one hour after sunset. By not turning on lights at dusk, many insects, such as caddisflies, will wander to another source of light and leave your pool area completely alone.
  • Reflective Lights: Sometimes lights placed at a correct distance from pools still invite insects because they shine off light-colored exterior walls closer to the pool area. This reflective light is enough to invite insects closer to the pool. Shielding lights or directing the beam away from the reflective wall may eliminate much of your insect problem.
  • Decoy Lights: Bright lights are more susceptible to large insect populations. By changing out high-wattage light bulbs for lower wattage bulbs in your yard, pool area, and deck, or by changing all bulbs to sodium vapor lamps or another source with lower ultraviolet output, insects will be less likely to invade your pool. A “decoy” light, such as a mercury vapor light placed approximately 50 feet from the pool area, will draw insects away from the pool and into an area where they are less obtrusive.
  • Filtration: A well-maintained pool with proper filtration, cleaning, and a balance of chemicals to keep it healthy deters insects from entering. Use a dip net to remove insects and floating debris to keep the surface less inviting for pests.
  • Pool Covers: If your pool will not be used for an extended period of time, place a pool cover atop it to keep it clean and help maintain its chemical balance.
  • Maintain Foliage: Trim bushes and mow the lawn next to the pool frequently. A tangle of foliage or grass that is not properly maintained invites insects, which will naturally migrate to the pool.

If these tips do not deter insects from using your pool as their playground, give Orlando pest removal experts Apex Pest Control a call at (866) 675-4070. Our team of pest control professionals will help keep your pool area free of pests, so you can enjoy your escape from the Florida heat.