cockroach-70295_1280Bugs thrive in Florida’s hot and humid climate. Even the cooler temperatures of winter do not dissuade many insects from frolicking in your home. As a matter of fact, the colder temperatures outside prompt many insects and arachnids to seek shelter. Often, that shelter is your warm, dry home. Keep the invaders from setting up housekeeping inside your home, and call Apex Pest Control – your Orlando pest control experts – if you see signs of any of these pests.

  • Cockroaches are active year round – no winter break for them! To prevent infestations, keep food in airtight containers, mop and vacuum frequently to assure no crumbs or spills are on the floor that may entice these hungry pests, and ensure puddles of water are soaked up quickly since all animals need a source of water to survive. Keep food off countertops and tables as well, and refrigerate all food if possible.
  • Wasps are often not able to withstand freezing temperatures, but Florida is not renowned for temperatures below freezing. Seal all small entry points to your home’s interior, and ensure all external structures are intact to prevent wasps from flying in and creating nests.
  • Stink bugs tend to wander inside homes in the wintertime. These flying pests exude a strong odor when squashed and are resilient to many pesticides.
  • Male spiders are looking for mates during the winter months, which makes them more visible and less docile. Brush away any signs of webs, and dust nooks and crannies to prevent webs from forming.

Your home could be harboring insects and arachnids during the winter months that will give birth to the next generation of problem pests. If you see any indication that pests are biding their time in your home this winter, give the Orlando pest control team at Apex Pest Control a call at (866) 675-4070, and read our past blogs for hints and information concerning pest control and prevention.