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If you own a home or commercial building, you need to know how often to call the exterminator. Whether you just moved into a home and want to prevent infestations or you’re experiencing a repeat issue that doesn’t go away, you may need treatments every month or a few times per year.

Benefits of Having Your Home Treated

Regular pest control will ensure you keep pests out of your home or office. Whether you have warning signs of an infestation, regular check-ins with your exterminator will help prevent issues later on. Instead of treating problems as they come, you can avoid them from the beginning.

One of the greatest benefits of having your home treated is having detailed knowledge of any changes to your pest situation. If new developments arise and you become at risk for an infestation, you will be more likely to catch the problem in its tracks. Regular treatment, whether it be every month or once a year, will help keep your home and family safe.

The Ideal Pest Control Schedule

Your ideal pest schedule will depend on various factors, including:

  • Your location: If you live in a climate with hot summers and mild winters, as we do here in Florida, you are more likely to need year-round pest control. Some species are reduced in the winter, while others thrive in the cold months. In Northern Florida quarterly treatments may be adequate, where in South Florida, where even winter months or in the eighties, monthly treatments are recommended.
  • The type of pests: Bedbugs require continuous treatment until the technician deems the problem eradicated. Rodent problem might point to an outdoor entry that needs to be repaired. Cockroaches can be inadvertently brought in with groceries or other packaged goods. Ants of all kinds will enter from the outside. The types of pests you deal with will dictate how often to get pest control.
  • Property type: Multi-housing or apartments dwellers may have pest control supplied by the association, but higher quality service may be desired. Single family home owners will always deal with pest issues of one kind or another.
  • Infestation severity: A regular pest serve will recognize the most severe pests before they do extreme damage – termites! Termites can not only destroy your home but also stored valuables such as furniture, photo albums, scrapbooks and antiques.

Get Quality Pest Services With Apex Pest Control

Apex Pest Control can keep your home pest-free. Our pest control service plans range from one-time service to quarterly, every other month, and monthly service. If you are looking for preventative treatment, this option covers every base and regularly monitors structural problems that could lead to an infestation.

Contact us to find out more information or get a free estimate. Our Safe and Trusted Pest Solutions are here to help you keep your property clean and safe.