new-home-1633878_1920Buying a home is one of the most important and complicated decisions you will make in your life. From things as varied the loan for the house to the location you want to live in, the hope is that everything comes together at some point into a place you can call your dream home. People shopping for a home are regularly reminded to get inspections for home structure reasons and to thoroughly vet roofs and air conditioners. One thing that does not come up as often is pests. Though they may seem like a trivial home buying complication on the surface, as experts in Orlando pest control know, nothing to do with indoor insects in Florida is inconsequential.

When looking for that new home, there are some steps you can take to try and detect a possible pest problem early. These vary by location, and to some degree, house type, but we thought these six tips could go a long way to feeling secure in the house you are thinking of purchasing.


  • Bugs: If you see them when just looking at a house, one the seller has theoretically made to appear as nice as possible, warning bells should be going off. This holds true for live and dead bugs alike.
  • Droppings: Along with the above, bug droppings are obviously a bad sign, but a little more difficult to detect for the novice. Roach egg casings are pretty distinct though, and a little research online may go a long way.
  • Damage: We would suggest that identifying pest-caused damage be taken up by professionals, as something like termite damage can be very difficult to identify if ingrained in walls. However, simple damage is observable (like destroyed carpets and wires that have been eaten), so it’s wise to stay alert for any signs of issues.
  • Nests: Easy to see, and easy to see as a problem. Yet, some nests may be easier to remove than others, and in Florida especially, a certain degree of wasp nests and the like should be expected on a home that is not being maintained consistently.
  • Location: Be aware if a home backs up to the woods, nearby swamps, etc. All can bring individual pest problems to your future, and all should be factored into the desirability of the location.
  • Lawn trouble: Consider it the red carpet for pests: a damaged and pockmarked lawn can often mean trouble indoors. Look for ant hills, brown patches, and poorly maintained areas.

Always, before buying a home, take the time to let an Orlando pest control professional have a look at the place. For as much as you can do, the friendly technicians at Apex can go the extra mile and see the issues that may be hidden. Contact us anytime at 866-675-4070 anytime for more information.