sand-castle-796488_1920Well, it’s summer in Florida, and although that can mean a lot of things for the local area, there is one that is an absolute certain year after year: it is hot. Muggy, humid, blistering, Central Florida heat is one of kind. And this heat causes many things, but for our purposes here at our Orlando pest control headquarters, we concentrate on what this summer sunshine means for your home and the bugs that come along with it. Insects are a constant aspect of life in Florida, as there never really is a time of year where the temperatures are cold enough to be completely rid of them. However, nothing (nothing) quite compares to the summer months when Central Florida becomes a bug’s paradise.

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, fire ants, termites, ticks, cicadas, moths, lovebugs, stinkbugs: that’s just a small part of the circus of bugs holding a parade around the Big Top of your home this summer. And it is during the summer months that insects are often drawn inside due to the insidious heat. That, plus the simple biological amount of critters that emerge this time of year, make the inside of your home a more likely place to find them than other seasons.

They like it all too: kitchens, attics, lawns, cars, gardens, bedrooms; a summer pest finds all human habitats suitable. Some are generally benign and more of an annoyance (cockroaches, moths), but some carry out right dangers for your home and family. From disease to destruction, Florida pests run the gambit, and often where there is one, there are many. Because of the climate, homes in Florida can find themselves particularly vulnerable to pests over time. The constant heat and humidity weaken insulation and wear at structures. It takes only a very small foothold for them to get in, and detection can often be difficult.

It is here, during these especially brutal summer months, that calling the experts in Orlando pest control at Apex is a great idea. Even if you don’t suspect a current infestation problem, the insect combat in Central Florida is never ending: it’s always a good idea to know your property’s strengths and weaknesses in home pest defense. Apex Pest Control offers a 100% free inspection of your property: we can search for current problems and prepare your home for future ones. Feeling secure in your home in a state filled with tiny creatures is paramount, and a bug-free home is a happy home. Call us today 888-764-2847, or submit an online request through this very website, and we will respond within 24 hours. Our friendly agents are here to help.