wasp-1122488_1920Wasps. The name has a certain zap to it all by itself. And whether you are allergic or not, everyone understands the vicious sting of a wasp. They’ve been around since the Jurassic age, stinging, building nests, and ruining dinosaur picnics (one would imagine). But there are some things local homeowners can do to help avoid developing a wasp problem around their property. And when all else fails, always remember to call the professionals in Brevard County pest control at Apex.

One thing to keep in mind, as most long-time Brevardians will probably know, is that wasps take well to the very homes we ourselves like to live in. Corners under awnings and isolated portions of structures are often magnets for wasps to build a nest. Long tall grass that is uncut, especially in the summer months, can often become home to ground wasp nest: stepping into one of those is a pretty unpleasant experience. Wasps work efficiently and quickly in nest construction, and a minor problem can become a major one fairly quickly. While a wasp sting can ruin an afternoon, those who are allergic know the danger that their venom can possess. And even if your family is not allergic to a wasp sting, neighbors, friends, and even the postman may just be.

So, in general, it’s a good idea to keep your property as wasp-free as possible. With that goal in mind, Apex has four easy tips that could help you along the way:


  • Remove food and cover trashcans: It is pretty simple since wasps feed mainly on other insects, and other insects are attracted to trash and food. By lowering your general insect population, you’ll be going a long way in avoiding wasps.
  • Home Maintenance: As was mentioned earlier, wasps are fantastic at using our structures as their homes. Simple and consistent maintenance of problem areas, such as under gutters and awnings, will keep any wasp issue to a minimum.
  • Use Wasp Traps: These work, and there are even some nifty DIY ones that can be made easily. Wasp traps, however, are generally going to be most useful for a small isolated wasp issue in an outside area your family may frequent and are, at best, a short-term solution.
  • Call Apex: It’s often our best advice, but it makes sense: for the big problems, call the professionals. Wasps in large numbers can be dangerous, and thorough removal takes skill and experience. Apex’s Brevard County pest control experts have these attributes in our hive of skilled and friendly agents.


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