bed-788865_1920Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa are tremendous events that focus on family togetherness and travel. Leaving the sanctity of your home and embarking on a journey is generally reason to celebrate unless you travel to a home or hotel that has a bed bug outbreak. Below are several travel tips and recommendations from Orlando pest removal company, Apex Pest Control, on how to recognize, treat, and avoid bed bugs as you traverse the state, country, or continent during the holidays.

  • Bed bugs generally leave a line of red bumps that resemble mosquito bites along the torso or legs of their prey. Bed bugs bite their hosts to withdraw a small amount of blood, then move farther down the line for another bite. Finding the location of the infestation may be difficult, though, since bites usually become noticeable 10-14 days after the bed bugs used you as their dinner table, and if you inhabit to a different hotel every few days as you travel, the exact locale may not be easily identifiable.
  • Treat bed bug bites as you would treat mosquito bites. Try not to scratch them because the dirt and bacteria under your fingernails can enter through the bite. While some people have no reaction to bed bug bites, others react violently and may require immediate care by a physician.
  • Once an area has even one bed bug, that one critter secretes pheromones that attract other bed bugs to visit. Between female bed bugs giving birth rapidly and the ever-present pheromones, a mild case of bed bugs can escalate to a dangerous situation rapidly.
  • Bed bugs are not microscopic. Adults are half a centimeter long, although the egg and nymph stages are much smaller. Bed bugs hide in dark recesses during the day, then come out at night when they are hungry. Check bed frames, curtain rails, bed rails, doorframes, etc. for any adult bugs. Adults also secrete a black, viscous fluid resembling motor oil that stains sheets and pillowcases.
  • Treating a home or hotel for bed bugs is arduous. All surfaces must be carefully inspected, cleaned, and disinfected to destroy all stages of bed bug development.
  • To keep bed bugs from hitching a ride to your next location, invest in a bed bug repellent for your luggage. At home, spend a little money on a mattress cover to act as a barrier between you and any nocturnal biting bugs.

If you come home with more than just memories from your vacation trip, contact Orlando pest removal professionals Apex Pest Control. Our trained professionals can eradicate all evidence of bed bugs from your home quickly and methodically. Read more about Apex’s home treatment programs on our latest blogs, or call (866) 675-4070 to speak with an Apex specialist.