7F2A3956Anyone who has lived in Florida has faced pests. Heat and humidity help pests to grow and thrive, but there are some Orlando pest control techniques homeowners can use to help control them. Trim your property’s foliage. Bugs use plants, foliage, and tree branches as “ladders” to reach your house and as “cover” to keep from attracting the attention of predators. So by trimming tree branches, shrubbery, bushes, vines, and flowers from the walls of your home, you make it more difficult for pests to enter. Your Orlando pest control experts also recommend the following:

  • Keep debris, planter boxes, firewood, and lumber away from the walls of your home.
  • Keep soil, mulch, and other ground cover below the level of your home’s slab.
  • Clean your gutters and keep them free of leaves and debris.
  • Maintain your lawn and keep your grass mowed.

Close off pest entryways. Pests can often enter homes the same way you do, through doors or windows. Caulk and seal windows and door frames, and replace any torn or loose-fitting screens. Check the thresholds on your doors, and install or repair weather stripping, door seals, or door sweeps. Similarly, seal any openings around pipes, dryer vents, or electrical conduits. Repair any wood rot or other damage.

Keep things dry. Pests thrive in damp conditions. If you have leaking faucets or any other source of moisture inside or outside your home, repair them. Outside your home, eliminate any standing water. Make sure that all your ventilation openings are clear to reduce mold and mildew, and clean or change your air-conditioning filter monthly. Consider buying a dehumidifier for areas that may be damp but aren’t air-conditioned, like garages or utility rooms.

Cleanliness is crucial. Crumbs, spills, and scraps contribute to Orlando pest control problems. Make sure your kitchen is clean, and keep your garbage cans covered and lined with plastic bags. Wash or wipe down your garbage cans regularly. If you have pets, keep their food in sealed containers.

The professionals at Apex Pest Control can help you rid your home of unwanted pests. We’ll conduct a detailed inspection of your entire property, analyze your pest problem, and provide a comprehensive treatment program for your entire property – inside and out – to eliminate any pests without inconveniencing you. Our initial treatment is then followed by additional exterior treatments, and those can be administered without you present. It’s the most convenient and thorough Orlando pest control services. Contact one of our friendly Customer Care Representatives to discuss your needs today.