Your lawn is an extension of your living area. Looking out at a weed-choked lawn is not what most homeowners appreciate. Orlando lawn care experts, Apex Pest Control, is dedicated in helping customers win their battle with weeds. Below are a few basic ideas you can try to prevent or eradicate the bane of your yard.

  • Weeds require sunlight to germinate. Adding a layer of mulch below grass blades or around plants will prevent weeds from sprouting. Keep in mind the type of mulch you use, though; cedar chips may sprout cedar trees and a bale of hay germinates into hay seeds. Unlike hay, straw is the center of the grass (think drinking straw) and will not contain seeds. Pine straw is actually pine needles, but either type of “straw” works very well to prevent weeds without producing unwanted sprouts.
  • Chemicals are a good choice to use in late fall or early spring. Using herbicides in the heat of summer is detrimental to your grass. Remember, herbicides cannot tell the difference between a weed and your flower garden, so spray far away from ornamentals and fruits.
  • Watering your lawn seems like the perfect way to expedite growth, which it does for both weeds and grass. Water sparingly and only when your grass shows signs of stress, such as curled leaf blades. Your grass may look like it will catch fire during Florida’s hottest summer hours, but only water early in the morning. Watering at night may cause fungus to form since the water puddles on leaf blades for many hours longer than recommended.
  • Mowing your lawn on a higher level, such as the 2.5” setting for St. Augustine or 2” for Bahia will stimulate more leaf spread and less room for weeds to infiltrate.
  • Check your mower blades before you mow. If the blades are dull, you are only beating the grass down or shredding it. Sharp blades cut cleanly, give the grass a better look, and help it grow stronger.

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