prettylawnandtreesThe adage “The grass is always greener in someone else’s yard” seems inevitable. Sometimes, it is as simple as realizing you are more particular about your own lawn, and any signs of weeds in your grass are a disaster for the entire lawn, while you are more forgiving of your neighbor’s turf. Other times, it may seem the care your neighbor is giving his lawn is identical to yours, but his grass is thriving while yours struggles. Apex Pest Control knows lawn care in Orlando. They can help you recognize the reasons your lawn is not meeting its full potential and assist in rectifying the situation with the correct maintenance throughout the year. But, here are three possible reasons why your lawn may be suffering.

  • The Way You Cut Your Lawn: Many homeowners do not have an abundance of time to mow the lawn and opt to cut it as short as possible to lengthen the amount of time between trimmings. This common error actually causes you to mow more frequently, and the grass barely has time to recover from trauma in between mowings. Set your mower’s blades at 3”-4” above ground level to trim just the ends of the blades, not the plant itself. Conscientious trimming allows the plants to soak up sun, and by keeping the plant and roots intact, the grass plants can extract more nutrients from the ground.
  • Your Soil is Poor Quality: Soil can make or break a lawn. Even if you lay an entire yard with new sod, if the soil is poor, the sod will not thrive. Dig a few inches into your lawn and remove a soil sample, placing it in a bag and labeling it with the general area of your lawn (east corner near the driveway, for instance). Repeat in three to four different locations if possible, noting if the sample is in full sun, partial shade, etc. Also, add the type of grass growing in the area. Take the sample to your local extension office for analysis. They can let you know the nutrients you are lacking and help your lawn recover.
  • Time to Aerate: Sometimes the best solution is simply to aerate your lawn. Ensure no debris are covering the blades of grass and rake thoroughly with a lawn rake. By aerating a few times a year, water is able to seep into the roots, and sun reaches the plants.

Apex Pest Control understands lawn care in Orlando. They can keep your lawn beautiful throughout the year and have your neighbors asking themselves why your yard looks so much better than theirs. Give Apex a call at (866) 675-4070, and read our blogs for more information concerning Florida lawn care and maintenance.

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