As if it’s not difficult enough to get the right grass growing in your yard along with watering and fertilizing it correctly, Floridians also have to worry about the problem of bugs bent on ruining everything. You, no doubt, work extremely hard to make your lawn look beautiful, and then some lousy bug decides to move in and make your lawn home its home, killing the grass, and erasing all your hard work. If you suspect bugs (or any other type of creature) are causing problems for your lawn or garden, call the Orlando pest control experts at Apex Pest Control at (866) 675-4070. We can get rid of them and offer lawn treatments that keep them from coming back.

Florida is notorious for lawn destroying bugs, and here are 6 of them:

close-up-87907_1280Mole Crickets—Unlike normal crickets, these insects bite. They also cause a lot of damage to lawns. You can tell mole crickets have attacked your lawn by the brown patches they leave in their wake. These crickets can be identified by the number and spacing of the digging claws on their front legs, and by the color and pattern on the back area behind their head. Getting rid of these guys, and keeping them away, requires periodic treatment with just the right chemicals, which must be applied at the right time. Need more information? Check this out: Mole Crickets

Billbugs—These ugly little black weevils get into your grass and eat the roots, killing the plants. If you have them, you’re likely to see them crossing a sidewalk or driveway. They tend to do the most damage where grass meets shrubs. And, as with many other types of insect pests, timing is everything in getting rid of them. Think billbugs have gottent the best of your lawn? Read more here: Billbugs

Chinch Bugs—Likely the most famous of the insect pests that infest lawns in Florida. This little insect causes serious problems with St. Augustine grass, which of course is very popular in this part of the country, causing brown patches that grow and grow until the bugs are eliminated. Read more about chinch bugs: Chinch Bugs

caterpillar-220796_1280Webworms—They’re actually moth larvae that come in several varieties, and do most of their damage in the spring. They’re the bugs that make those softball-sized brown patches in lawns. Here is some more information on webworms: Webworms

White Grubs—Another type of larvae, and though they do have a three-year cycle because of the many species, they wind up being a problem every year. Read more about white grubs here: White Grubs

If you suspect one of these bugs have decided to call your lawn their home, call the Orlando lawn care specialists at Apex Pest Control at (866) 675-7667. We know how to get rid of them for you and have ways to keep them from coming back.