prettylawnandtreesWith spring right around the corner, it’s natural for people to start thinking about their lawns  and speaking of natural, why not let this be the year that you start thinking of ways to make your lawn more eco-friendly…yes, the other kind of green. Lawns have taken a lot of heat (other than from the sun) in the past few years, with some beginning to wonder about the logic of pouring all that precious water and fertilizer on plants that we don’t even eat. If you’d like ideas on how to make your lawn less environmentally harmful, contact the professionals at Apex. We offer a host of environmentally friendly ways to help keep your lawn looking as good as ever without all the harmful side effects. In the meantime, here are a few eco-friendly lawn care tips for keeping your lawn doubly green:

Take advantage of natural mulch Instead of bagging cut grass, why not attach a mulching blade to your mower. Your grass will thank you for it and you’ll be happier because you won’t have to deal with the heavy leftovers after mowing. Also consider running your mower over leaves in the fall instead of raking them. It’s all natural fertilizer.

Start a compost bin Dead grass, leaves and other biodegradable material can be put in a bin where nature will turn it into free fertilizer for you.

Harvest rainwater Buying drums to collect rainwater allows you to water your lawn during dry times without incurring the wrath of local water management groups. It’s easy, free and will totally make you feel good about yourself.

Buy an electric push or riding mower Electric mowers don’t emit pollution directly into the air, and push mowers don’t cause any sort of pollution at all. Neither is hard to use and both will help you feel better about having a big beautiful lawn.

For more tips on how to keep your lawn green using more eco-friendly methods, or to learn more about lawn fertilizer and treatment services, contact your lawn care experts in Orlando, Tampa & Brevard County at Apex, we can help you grow the best looking lawn in your neighborhood without harming the rest of the planet.