shirts-428600_1280The oppressive Florida heat has finally started to subside, and chances are you’ve started to dig your sweaters and cool-weather clothing out of storage. Many people find that when they do so, some of their clothes have holes in them due to bugs such as moths, carpet beetles, and silverfish. Others find stains left behind by crickets, bedbugs, cockroaches, or firebrats. These notorious pests feast on unsuspecting clothing items while they sit in storage over the summer, causing winter woes and clothing crisis.

How do you protect your stored clothing from hungry bugs? If the problem is big or persistent, you might be the victim of an infestation; if so, call the Orlando pest control experts at Apex Pest Control. We’ll help you prevent the bugs from coming in, and get rid of the ones that are there already. For smaller problems, you can generally stop the problem yourself by following a few guidelines.

Here are a few great tips for keeping your stored clothes pest-free:

  • Thoroughly clean your clothes before you put them away. Any leftover food crumbs or debris are likely to attract cloth-eating insects. Also, make sure the clothes are absolutely, completely dry before they are stored. Not only does water promote mold, but it gives the bugs something to drink.
  • Remove pest eggs. Be sure to vacuum your home regularly to help eliminate pest homes and their eggs, especially around water sources such as in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Seal your clothing for ultimate protection. Vacuum pack your clothes in plastic bags before storing them. Not only will that make them pack easier (and keep them drier) but it will tend to suffocate any bugs that might already be in them. There are a variety of options available, from whole systems to bags for your vacuum cleaner.
  • Be careful about what you pick up from the thrift store. Even if they say the clothes have been thoroughly washed, you may come home with more than you bargained for, and if you put clothes with bugs in them with your other clothes, the pests will move over looking for tastier fare.

Nobody wants to open closets or drawers and find that pests have been living in their clothes, not only is it unsanitary, but valuable clothes can be ruined. Keep them safe by taking precautionary measures and when needed contact the Orlando pest control professionals at Apex Pest Control. We can handle any problem you might have, big or small.