Not everyone is all gung-ho about doing lawn chores. A recent Consumer Reports study found that one-third of people would rather visit their in-laws than work on their lawn, and almost twenty percent said they’d rather go to the dentist. Those are not good numbers. If you are among those who prefer to avoid lawn chores, call the Tampa lawn care professionals at Apex because we love working on lawns and would love to do some of your chores for you. In any case, here are some tips for those homeowners looking to keep their lawn looking nice with a minimal amount of effort:

  • Save Time Watering—a brown look in the winter is not always a bad thing, at least regarding grass. It just means your lawn has entered a dormant stage and is conserving nutrients. Skip watering in the winter unless you are experiencing a drought.. Also, consider putting in an automatic sprinkler system for the rest of year.
  • Fertilize Less Frequently—most lawns are able to thrive with no more than a couple of applications of fertilizer a year; a good rule of thumb is Memorial Day and Labor Day. Both are ideal times because they occur during a period when the grass is waking up, and just before it goes to sleep again. Of course in Florida, because it gets warm so early, most homeowners can do the first application a week or two early if they want, so they won’t have to think about it again for six months.
  • Mow Less Often—most domestic grasses can thrive with up to half of the blade removed during mowing, so feel free to let the lawn grow to about five and a half inches in height before you mow it. On the other hand, you really need to make sure your mower blades are really sharp, otherwise the grass tips will get ripped off instead of being sliced cleanly, which will result in brown tips and an unsightly lawn.
  • Mulch, Don’t Bag the Grass Trimmings—get a mulching attachment for your mower so that finely cut clippings will fall back onto the lawn below. That will save you time because you won’t have to rake or bag the cut grass. This also adds nutrients back into the soil, reducing the need for artificial fertilizer by up to thirty three percent.

Of course, the most obvious solution for any homeowner wishing to avoid lawn chores is to get somebody else to do it for you. Apex would be happy to be your Tampa lawn care company by providing lawn pest control. Call us at 800-929-2847 and we’ll send someone over to set up a plan with you and get your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.