subterranean_termitesIt’s the Sunshine State, but just as equally, it could be called the termite state. Aging indoor and outdoor wood, that ubiquitous sun, a mix of rural and urban land, and a year-round weather pattern that suits them just fine: Florida and Brevard County are a natural home for this feared destructive pest. Using Brevard County pest control icons with decades of local experience, such as those at Apex, will help in your preparation, defense, and removal of termites. Central and South Florida, with Brevard County’s local mild weather in particular, are magnets for termites beyond what is seen in other parts of the state (where their numbers are often limited by winter freezes). To beat the enemy, it helps to know them including each sub-species and its own quirks and peculiarities. These four local species are the most common for you to find in our area:


  • Eastern Subterranean Termite


Probably the most commonly found in all of the United States, these termites are active during the day and, like most species, consumers of nearly any type of wood. They are the most feared swarming variety of the bug, with common Brevard County colony creation times occurring in the winter and spring. Prepare early and often for them.


  • Dampwood Termite


Not nearly as fearsome as the Eastern Subterranean variety, this more ancient sub-species of termites can cause a bit of nuisance. They are active at night, but usually eat damp wood (such as tree stumps in swamps) and will not eat treated wood that makes up most Florida structures. Spotting dampwood termites is a concern more because it means you have the environment for termites, as opposed to worrying about these ones in particular.


  • Formosan Termite


Native to regions in Asia, this invasive termite has found living in North America suits it just fine. It’s renowned for the sheer size of the colonies it creates in the spring, and of course, the damage these giant swarms can produce as well. Well-established colonies can eat 13 ounces of wood daily.


  • Powderpost Termite


Powderposts are another termite active during daylight hours, and they get their name from their legendary ability to turn wooden posts into powder. University of Florida professors, in a book on the matter, pegged the destruction caused exclusively by powderposts at $100 million a year. They live comfortably inside of wood of many types and can be difficult to spot.
With each sub-species having so many different exclusive behaviors and seasons, it’s difficult to keep up with which ones may be targeting your area. Some older homes are more vulnerable, and some colonies are actually established in distinct parts of Brevard County. Because of all this, having Brevard County pest control experts on your side is crucial. Call today for a free no obligation inspection and quote at 866-675-4070.