IMG_6964There are many Florida lawns with St. Augustine grass. Floridians have developed a strong affinity for this bluish-green grass that seems to enjoy any condition tossed at it. It can withstand the test of time by erupting from the ground every spring in a thick, green carpet.  It is even able to return back to normal after large packages, such as roofing materials, lay on it for months on end, and still remains strong and intact after numerous hurricanes. Orlando lawn care professionals from Apex, have some information on this popular type of grass.

  • St. Augustine is the most commonly used lawn grass in Florida because it is more tolerant to saline soil conditions than other grasses. Many cultivars are also shade tolerant, able to grow under the far-reaching branches of trees.
  • St. Augustine spreads through plugs, sprigs, or sod. St. Augustine does not propagate from seed.
  • The wide blades of St. Augustine grow quickly, which requires more water than other grasses may need, especially during extended dry periods. Irrigate your lawn regularly during Florida’s hot, dry summer months to retain your lawn’s fertile, green appearance.
  • It has been noted that St. Augustine’s wide leaves are unable to withstand chemical weed sprays. Usually one application of weed killer lasts all year because the grass grows so quickly, it chokes out the weeds.
  • Chinch bugs love St. Augustine even more than homeowners. Check your lawn regularly for signs of chinch bug or other insect or pathogen invasion. Any yellow patches, dead grass, or grass with shallow roots that pull out easily may require professional help.
  • Ensure the quality of grass growth by fertilizing your lawn in the spring and possibly the fall, depending on the fertilizer you use and your lawn maintenance schedule.

Make the most out of your summer lawn by calling the Orlando lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control at (407) 292-7770 or browse our website for tips. We will be happy to maintain your St. Augustine lawn and keep it looking its very best.