prettylawnandtreesSpring in Florida is breathtaking as it lives up to its name, leaving a florid and fragrant path of blooms throughout the state. Flowers are not the only plants springing forth in this bountiful season: grass is spreading, flourishing, and becoming greener every day. Apex Pest Control has compiled a list of important lawn and yard tasks for Orlando lawn care.

  • Beginning: Take a soil sample to your county extension office to determine the pH of your lawn and to see if your lawn has the proper nutrients. Acidic soil dominates many areas of Florida. To stabilize your soil, add lime in compliance with the soil test results from your county extension office. Azaleas begin their showy blooms in March. Because azaleas bloom only once or twice a year, many gardeners are uncertain the color of their plants’ blooms. Take a picture while the plants are in bloom to remind yourself, or spray the trunk with non-toxic paint in the color of the blooms.
  • Middle: By now your lawn is undoubtedly tall and thick enough to begin mowing, especially if you have Bermuda grass, St. Augustine, or centipede. In the garden beds, last year’s mulch may need replacing since it is a perfect breeding ground for spores and young insects. If you have had these pests in the past, replace all the mulch with a new layer of fresh mulch, such as cedar, that will keep many insects and spores from developing. If this is not a concern, simply spread a new layer atop the existing mulch.
  • End: Fertilizing should begin at the end of spring. Because every lawn has specific requirements, fertilizing should be left to the professionals. Contact Apex Pest Control for the correct timing, amount, and chemicals. Plants and trees should be pruned after the leaves have developed. Pruning removes any winter frost damage and readies the plants for more abundant growth. Summer annuals – petunias, impatiens, salvia, and marigolds, for instance – are ready for planting, and May is one of the last opportunities to start annuals.

With so many details for your lawn and garden in the spring, it is important to plan how and when you should perform each task. This list is definitely not conclusive; check your county extension office for items specific to your area, and call Apex Pest Control at (866) 675-4070 for all your lawn and pest control maintenance. Read our past blogs for more information on Orlando lawn care, fungus control, and insect eradication.

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