lightning-583713_1280Florida’s weather is predictably unpredictable. A sunny morning does not indicate sun all day, and many summer ventures are cut short by the afternoon rainstorms here. These short, intense storms may damage fragile new grass or seedlings, or cause major damage to much larger natural and man-made structures. Below are a number of Orlando lawn care tips to keep your lawn better protected from Mother Nature’s fickle forecast.

  • Trim Those Trees: Trees are undoubtedly one of the largest items on your lawn. Inspect your trees and remove any dead branches or twigs. Large limbs may need to be professionally removed, while smaller limbs may require a simple pair of loppers. Removing the dead branches not only spruces up your yard and keeps your trees healthier, it removes potential ammunition for occasional tornadoes and hurricanes.
  • Native is Best: When planting new trees in your yard, keep in mind that local vegetation is better able to withstand the pummeling winds and rains of Florida. Natives often say the safest thing to grab if you are stranded during a hurricane is a palm tree; they are renowned for standing tall and enduring the most damaging winds. Trees planted next to your house are fantastic for beating Florida’s heat, but tall, brittle trees will snap during punishing storms. Choose a shorter, native tree to plant close to your home and the taller trees for farther out in the yard.
  • Think About Projectiles: Potted plants or hanging baskets are easily knocked about during a strong storm. Either bring them inside or securely anchor them to protect the plants, and keep them from becoming missiles that can shatter glass windows and doors.
  • Secure Furniture: Lawn furniture should be moved to a safe location, such as a shed or garage, during a wind- or rainstorm. If you have neither a shed nor garage, pile the furniture together, and bring it inside or place it against the house. Turn the table upside down to keep the wind from picking it up and smashing it against either the house, vehicles, or yard.
  • Wind Chimes can Turn Dangerous: Wind chimes on a pleasant day are a mellifluous garden ornament. In a storm, however, they become an ominous projectile. Bring them inside for the sake of safety.

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