tiger-mosquito-49141_1280Do you ever stop to think about the kinds of bugs that bug you the most? People love to live in the Sunshine State, for obvious reasons, but along with that love comes a little bit of hate for those bugs that are truly a buzz kill. The hot summers and relatively mild winters mean we get to share our beautiful state with a whole host of insects, some of which are way more annoying than others. If some of those bugs are infesting your home, call the Tampa pest control experts at Apex Pest Control because we can get rid of them for you. Here are five kinds of bugs that bug everybody:

  • Mosquitoes—perhaps the best known of the annoying bugs, they carry diseases such as encephalitis, malaria, West Nile Virus, give your dog heartworm and bite us, which is not only rude, but itchy.
  • Noseeums—those nearly invisible bugs (gnats) that swarm around your face and sometimes get in your mouth or eyes. Did you know that their bite or sting isn’t really a bite or sting after all, it’s just the sensation you feel when the acid in their bodily fluid hits your sweaty skin.
  • Love Bugs—also known as Kissing Bugs (they’re actually a kind of fly) they emerge in April and May and again in September and October. Not much can be done about them but here’s a tip for getting the dead carcasses off your windshield, car paint, or grill—use water and a Bounce fabric sheet. The bugs will come off without any scratching of your paint.
  • Horse and Deer Flies—these flies scare people because when they bite, it hurts. Also, they are known to carry the bacterium that causes Lyme’s disease. Both of the nasty bugs love damp climates and there are few ways to deter them other than by covering your skin with long clothing or by staying indoors when they are most prevalent.
  • Palmetto Bugs—everybody hates these guys. They’re just too big, and they run too fast, like bugs in a horror movie. Plus, they’re cockroaches! They love Florida for its warm, damp climate and if you kill one, it will give off an unmistakable, distinctly unpleasant odor.

Yes, Florida is home to some truly annoying bugs, many of which cannot be eliminated. Sigh. Still we soldier on. For those kinds of bugs that cause damage or create other problems in your home, there is something you can do, call the Tampa pest control experts at Apex Pest Control, we’ll be more than happy to send over one of our expert technicians to get rid of them for you.