fire-ant-1091301_1920Fire ants are a year-round pest, but their possible numbers on your lawn swell more so in the hot summer months, as they prefer temperatures in the range of 70-90 degrees whether night or day. Few pests are more feared in the Central Florida area than fire ants. They don’t generally cause destruction to property, and it’s difficult (although not impossible) to find a full colony within your home, so the usual markers of a Florida pest just aren’t there. But what they can do is bite. Fire ants are one of the more dangerous pests in the area, and they are best handled by professionals with decades of experience in Tampa pest control.

As an invasive species to Florida, fire ants have few natural predators and can grow their colonies very quickly. If you step into one in error, you’ll find that they can defend those colonies with extreme vigor. Some other facts on fire ants:

  • Fire ants have the ability to venture over 100 feet from their nests in search of food. Their voracious bite makes them unlikely to be stopped by any other creature.
  • A common fire ant colony is a dirt mound: large and quickly defended. These are found on lawns that are not maintained with hyper-consistency, but can also be common even in ones that are, as fire ants are highly adaptive. Other places they can nest include:
    • In cracks of pavement (generally underneath).
    • In any kind of foliage: rotting tree stumps, palm fronds stacked together, etc.
    • Occasionally in electrical outlets, although since they prefer ground based colonies, they are more likely to be found in something at that level.

Anyone who has lived in the Tampa area for any amount of time can recall the bite of a fire ant. The name “fire ant” is not scientific, and merely a local name for the burning sting they leave with venom that can last on human skin for up to 10 days (some with allergies encounter even worse symptoms). Life-long Florida residents often have true fire ant horror stories.

But, there are many ways to stop them when deployed by professionals. They include:

  • Barrier treatments
  • Bait (professional varieties are the best)
  • Direct mound treatments

Fire ants are one pest you definitely do not want around your home, especially if you have small animals and children. They are tough and versatile, so extricating them from your lawn can prove difficult. It’s for this reason that it is best to contact the experts in Tampa pest control at Apex. We have all the tools and decades of experience with this creature. Contact us anytime for a free, no-obligation inspection and quote.