animal-2800_1280You fertilize, mow, and maintain your lawn regularly, yet one morning, you step outside to be greeted with large brown patches of dead grass. How did this happen? The likely culprit may be Rhizoctonia solani, or brown patch fungus. R. solani is the most damaging disease in grass, affecting primarily St. Augustine, zoysia, and centipede grasses. Read below for signs and symptoms that your lawn may have fallen prey to R. solani and is in need of Orlando lawn treatment.

  • The Perfect Conditions: Like most fungi, R. solani grows in a specific temperature range and thrives in damp conditions. For R. solani, the temperature range is Florida’s typical fall and spring climate when daytime temperatures linger between 60° and 80°F and precipitation increases.
  • Sign of Brown Patch Fungus: Beginning as small, circular, brown spots, the areas increase in breadth, often merging to form irregular patches. Spreading is rapid and may quickly destroy large portions of your yard. The inner circle is brown with a perimeter of yellow grass surrounded by unaffected grass. The yellow grass is easily pulled from the ground and looks as if it is water damaged.
  • Solutions: Treatments should begin as soon as the yard is symptomatic. Pretreatment with a fungicide is not recommended because of fungicide costs and occurrence of chemical tolerance. Therefore, as soon as symptoms arise, treat with a fungicide until grass shows obvious signs of recovery.
  • Better Protection: Proactive yard maintenance may prevent brown patch fungus. Aerate your yard by puncturing the turf at intervals to separate roots, and give the soil a chance to grab nutrients from above. Aerating also helps water drain more quickly, reach deeper into the soil and helps thatch to decompose.

If you diagnose your yard with Rhizoctonia solani, call Apex Pest Control at (866) 675-4070 to bring your lawn back to the healthy green color you expect with a professional application of an Orlando lawn treatment. Our team can formulate a plan to quickly remove all signs of fungus from your yard.