How dangerous is pest control?

Today’s professional pest control products are very safe and formulated to be lethal to insects based on their size and biology. Professionals are required by law to use these products exactly as their labeled directions require. Trouble begins when Do-It-Yourselfers think that if two ounces of a product does the job, then one gallon will do an even better job. This is usually the cause of pesticide overuse.

Is it safe to be inside our home after pest control treatment?

For a general pest control treatment, the answer is Yes. If your home needs treatment for fleas or ticks, bed bugs, or some types of termites, then you will be asked to stay away for a period of time. Ask your pest control professional.

Where do termites live in the house?

Termites can live in any cellulose material. This can be wood roof trusses, wall studs, door frames, kitchen and bath cabinets, soffits and facia, and boxes of papers.

How can I avoid bed bugs?

When staying in hotels, always inspect the creases and dark corners of the mattress and bedding for staining or tiny insects. If you feel that you’ve been exposed to bed bugs, wash your clothes in hot water.

Do I need to clean after pest control service?

No. Cleaning is not usually necessary. Ask your pest control professional.

Why should I keep ongoing service if I no longer have pests?

Insects constantly seek moisture, shelter, and food. A pest control treatment will last 90 days under the best circumstances before the products have worn out. Bugs will continually seek refuge, so we recommend ongoing treatments to keep pests at bay.