Edgewood, located in the heart of Central Florida, is known as a community town. At last census, there were only 2,503 full-time residents, making it the kind of place where everyone is a neighbor. And in Edgewood pest control, Apex is the best kind of neighbor to have. Our decades of experience in the local area pay off not only in the depth of our knowledge, but in the connection we have to the people in the communities we serve.

For full pest control treatment, a world-class company needs to be able to handle a variety of issues. At Apex Pest Control, we serve the Edgewood area with services that range from lawn care to termite control and even full-service, pre-construction systems that keep your new home pest-free for decades to come.

Edgewood has some unique challenges based on its location; as a sub-tropical climate, extreme rain and heat is to be expected nearly nine months a year. Add to that, Edgewood’s place in a highly urban area, and you can imagine the issues that we at Apex run into.

  • Mosquitoes: As they are relentless and sometimes dangerous, mosquito control is a tricky process that our technicians are well versed in dealing with.
  • Ants and Wasps: Many things sting in Central Florida, and there are many ways to deal with them. Trust the professionals.
  • Bedbugs: This is a problem that spikes at random intervals and can be absolutely difficult to remove from your home if they make their way in. Full treatment is often needed, and removal down to the very last bug is critical
  • Termite Control: Termites are one of Florida’s most consistent pest issues and also one of the more damaging. Termites are a threat to many structures within the older areas of Edgewood.
  • Lawn Care: Good pest management begins outside the home. We often refer to it as the welcome mat for pests; the more cluttered and untreated, the better chance pests will be attracted to the inside of your home. Beyond that, maintaining a nice looking lawn in Edgewood is both time consuming and essential.

These are just some of the areas in which Apex can provide quality pest control to Edgewood. Family owned and filled with professionals that have decades of knowledge and experience, we leave nothing to chance when taking care of your home. Not only that, but at Apex, we can get a treatment plan in place that is tailored to your property exactly. No two treatments are the same. With our free, no-obligation quotes, we can go over an assortment of potential plans. Call us anytime at (866) 675-4070 for more information.