washing machineSometimes, you may want to turn to eco-friendly, do-it-yourself treatments for insect problems. These treatments can be a good option if you’re about to leave for a quick business trip or holiday and don’t have time to call Apex. There are some eco-friendly DIY steps you can take if you run into pest problems.

Take Bed Bug Precautions

If you’re leaving for a quick business trip or holiday, you may be worried about bringing home bed bugs. There are some easy, eco-friendly tips you can use to avoid bringing home bed bugs.

Start with your luggage. Instead of using fabric luggage, opt for plastic. Plastic luggage provides fewer hiding places for bed bugs since there are no seams. During your trip, leave your clothes in your luggage instead of storing them in the hotel’s dresser drawers.

When you get home, put your clothes directly into the washing machine. The washing process will naturally kill some of the bed bugs. The heat of the dryer will help you take care of the rest. If your clothes are delicate, you could leave them in a black bag in the sun to kill any bed bugs. Bed bugs die when their body temperature reaches 113°F, so this method is weather-dependent.

Try Natural Repellants
Some natural substances can repel unwanted insects. If you need a quick, eco-friendly fix for a pest problem, you can try using these natural repellents. Indoors, peppermint oil can be used to discourage pests like spiders and cockroaches. Of course, you need to like the smell of peppermint to use this method.

Outdoors, hot sauce can be used to repel garden bugs. Capsaicin, the compound in peppers that makes them hot, is the reason this works. The compound can repel bugs like whiteflies and mites.

Know When to Call the Pros

Sometimes, eco-friendly quick fixes are all you need. However, they’re not always enough. If your pest problems continue, don’t hesitate to get help. In the long run, it’s often best to go with the professionals.

Some pests should never be treated with DIY methods, no matter how much of a hurry you’re in. Termites are an example. These pests are hard to access and treat, so a licensed professional should always be in charge of treating them.

If you need a quick fix for a pest problem and don’t want to use pesticides, you could try these eco-friendly methods. However, remember that DIY methods aren’t always enough. If you need help with pest problems, don’t be afraid to call the pest professionals!

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