termite-specialMany homeowners don’t realize that there are multiple types of termites that can cause damage in or to their homes, including drywood and subterranean termites. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with both types to help with recognizing the problem and choosing the right type of treatment from their Orlando termite control experts.

The first type, drywood termites, as their name implies, are generally found inside of wood that has dried, which includes furniture, cabinetry, and building structures. They are also local to certain regions, one of which is Florida.

Drywood termites can enter the home in a variety of ways–via cracks in the foundation, for example, or through fissures that develop in door or window frames. They can also be carried into the home inside furniture. Unlike other termite species, they have been known to swarm to new locations, posing a serious threat to buildings they infest. Drywood termites eat virtually their entire lives–all day, every day.

Subterranean termites are the type of termites that most people hear about. They are the most destructive wood insect pests in the United States, accounting for billions of dollars of damage each year. They live, as their name implies, underground in colonies in wet or moist soil, doing their damage behind walls, siding or wood trim, consuming wood and breaking down the cellulose fiber that holds it together. The worst damage occurs when they eat away the wood that makes up the foundation of a building. Most homeowners are unaware of an infestation until the insects are discovered through routine inspection by Orlando termite control professionals, or when the structure starts to collapse due to extensive damage. They can be easily identified by the mud trails they leave as they travel from their muddy homes to their wooden food source.

There are things homeowners can do to help prevent an infestation:

  • Ensure proper drainage of rainwater around the home for a distance of 20 to 30 feet
  • Empty vessels that trap water
  • Keep gutters clean
  • Don’t use mulch within 15 feet of your house
  • Don’t store firewood near the house

If you suspect you might have a termite problem, whether it be subterranean or drywood, contact Apex Pest Control to have a state-certified Orlando termite control specialist come out and perform an inspection of your property. If termites are found we can assess the damage and provide a comprehensive plan for eradication.