cupcakes-323252_1280The holiday season brings with it an annual risk for pest problems—from bugs and mice in the kitchen looking to help with the cookie-making cleanup, to infested trees and wreaths and fleas carried into the house by visitor’s pets—’tis the season for pests looking to be jolly. Following the suggestions below can prevent the season of risk for you and your family. And of course, if you do wind up with a problem, you can always call the Orlando pest control professionals at Apex Pest Control—we’ll get rid of those humbugs trying to spoil your good time.

  • Be careful when pulling out the Christmas boxes filled with decorations and ornaments because they may be harboring pests of all types. If possible, open and inspect them outside before bringing them in. When you pack them away after the holidays, be sure to seal the boxes, so you won’t have to worry about potential pest problems next year.
  • Use snap-close storage bins rather than cardboard boxes or even bags. Doing so will reduce  humidity and help keep your decorations pest free.
  • If you use an artificial tree, do not store the tree in the original box. Find a plastic storage bin that will tightly fit all the parts of your tree—this will prevent any pests from getting inside.
  • Be cautious with real trees, wreaths or the traditional poinsettia, all of them can harbor a host of pests. Inspect them carefully before bringing them into the house or hose them down if possible.
  • After the holidays are over, and before you pack up your decorations, check for any pests, broken pieces or mold especially, when packing outdoor decorations inside of the house.
  • Take the time to thoroughly wash any items that are made out of material such as rugs, linens, stockings, etc., and then store them in vacuum-sealed storage bags. Material decorations are at risk of mold, mites and other tiny pests.

With a little forethought, most holiday pest problems can be averted. For more advice or assistance in dealing with pests during the holidays, contact the Orlando pest control experts at Apex Pest Control—were’ always there when you need us.