summer-lawn-care-guide-1Do you ever get the feeling that all the time you spend working on your lawn might be better spent doing such things as, say, lying in a hammock daydreaming about life as an accomplished flugelhorn player? Or perhaps you’ve declared war on your home turf, eyeing it with suspicion every time you leave the house or averting your gaze when you return. You’re not alone, many Floridians cry uncle at some point, and go with a simpler “relaxed” motif. Sadly, as that old saying goes, there is no free lunch. Neglecting your lawn or landscaping can lead to other pretty serious problems. To learn more about the consequences of filing divorce papers with your lawn, call the lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control in Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County at 866-675-4070. We can help with the problems, allowing you to see the beauty in your yard again. In the meantime, below are three pretty good incentives for patching things up with that lawn of yours:

  1. Neglecting your lawn is expensive: Florida is semitropical, so have you seen what a lawn looks like that goes without care in this area? It’s not like the grass will quit growing or the weeds will take a vacation while you’re on break. You could wind up with a jungle out there. At some point it will become too difficult to ignore, and then you’ll have to fork over a lot of cash to tame it.
  2. Your lawn and landscaping directly impact the value of your property: If you drive around your neighborhood, you’ll almost certainly notice how the houses with the nicest lawns and landscaping contrast sharply with those surrounded by disarray. Which ones do you think have more value?
  3. Your lawn is a part of the package that is you and your family: Your lawn and landscaping frame your house, like a showcase, showing the world who you are. A well cared-for lawn says good things about you.

While you might be tempted at times to dig up your yard and plant concrete petunias, don’t despair, there is help available—all you need do is call the friendly lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control in Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County at 866-675-4070. We design lawn care solutions to fit your needs—we’re experts on Florida grass and soil, analyzing each lawn before mixing a custom blend of granular and liquid applications for fertilizing and pest control. We also offer counseling and advice, such as how and when to water your lawn, so it will always be happy with you.