nature-2028276_1920Ants are one of the most successful species of insect to ever walk the Earth. From carpenter ants to fire ants, sugar ants to grasscutter ants, and everything in between, they have conquered nearly every corner of the globe. They are relentless, tough, adaptable creatures who work well together and do not need much to thrive. For us here in Central Florida, our environment is well-suited for them to move easily between the outdoors and the indoors, creating conflict. As Orlando pest control professionals, we encounter ant issues quite often, but there are some things you can do to handle the problems they create on your own.

Understand the Type of Ant

This is key both in species and behavior. For instance, a colony of carpenter ants in an outdoor deck will have a vastly different set of measures you can take compared to some sugar ants in your kitchen. Also, there will be differences between what you can easily handle yourself and what may require the work of professionals. Often, it may even take a professional inspection to help clear this up.

Determine a Cause

Ants will come into your home for a variety of reasons, but the most common are food and shelter. In the dry months of the spring, ants may come inside to look for water through leaking pipes and pooled water. In the wet season, they may come inside looking for dry land. Either way, they are always looking for food. If you are seeing ants around your kitchen, this may just be an obvious case of needing to store food a little better. Ants are also attracted to a cluttered lawn, and fire ants, in particular, seek to make colonies and nests in overgrown grassy areas. Solve the reason the ants are near your home, and solve ant problem.

Try Preventative Measures

Once you’ve determined the type of ant and the reason it may be around, you can work on preventative measures. For the indoors, put food away (including pet food), and store it securely. Be sure to wipe down any areas that even come into contact with sweets. Look to shore up window screens and doorways as we approach the summer. As for your lawn, regular lawn maintenance and lack of clutter will go a long way; so will keeping trash far from your home.

These measures may indeed be all you need to solve minor Florida ant problems, and we have many. But there are also times when there is only so much you can do as a homeowner, and Orlando pest control specialists should be on call. At Apex, we offer no-obligation inspection and quotes. For more information, contact us anytime at 866-675-4070.