aesthetic-2093136_1920(1)Summer is finally here, which means it’s time for summertime picnics. When you throw a picnic, you don’t want any uninvited guests to show up and ruin your fun. Pests like ants, bees, mosquitoes, or ticks can crash your picnic and ruin everyone’s good time. To make sure only your invited guests can come to your picnic, follow these tips from the Orlando pest control technicians at Apex.

Choose a Logical Location

No location is 100 percent pest-free, but some locations are more suited for picnics than others. Before you set up your picnic, check the area to make sure there’s nothing nearby that could attract pests. Steer clear of stagnant water, as that can attract mosquitoes. Areas with lots of flowers are pretty, but they’re not the best spots for picnics either. Flowering plants attract stinging insects like bees and wasps. You should also stay away from areas with visible ant colonies.

Take Precautions to Avoid Stinging Insects

Nothing ruins a fun picnic as fast as uninvited stinging insects. Stinging insects are attracted to sweet things, so it’s a good idea to avoid wearing perfume. If one of your guests is allergic to stinging insects, you could avoid bringing any sweet foods, too. Stinging pests can sneak into cans or bottles, so to stay safe, drink out of clear cups. Once stinging insects find a good food source, they’ll keep coming back for more. After your picnic is over, clean up thoroughly. If you leave food or drink residue behind, your great picnic spot could be taken over by stinging insects.

Wear Bug Spray

Do you forget to apply bug spray before your picnics? You’re not alone. Many people forget this step, but it can go a long way towards making your picnics more fun. Bug spray makes you less attractive to pests, so you can enjoy your picnic in peace. To avoid contaminating your tasty food, remember to apply bug spray before you open any food containers. If you’re planning to be outside for a while, you may need to reapply the bug spray.

Be Aware

While some types of pests will sneak up on your picnic, others are fairly easy to see. Be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for bugs. To make bugs easier to spot, try using a light-colored picnic blanket. For example, ants can easily be seen crawling towards your food. Ticks can be seen on your blanket, or you may notice them after they bite you.

Pests don’t have to ruin your summertime picnics. By following these tips from the Orlando pest control experts at Apex, you can throw great picnics all summer long. Interested in preventing even more pests from invading? Contact us today to set up a free, no-obligation inspection.