At Apex, our list of customers includes national and custom homebuilders throughout Florida and for good reason: it takes an understanding of builders’ needs to deliver the right termite pretreatment service every time.

Apex Pest Control truck parked outside of Miami Marlins stadium

We support every builders’ association in every market where we operate, and we always have at least five schedulers in each Apex office taking calls so you won’t be left on hold.

We use the highest quality insecticides including Bora-Care®, Termidor®, and most other major brands. So you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered. All of that, along with our three-hour guaranteed response time, after-hours and Saturday services, make us the clear choice as Florida’s undisputed leader in pre-construction treatments. When working with the Apex pre-construction treatment team, you can expect professional service with a personal touch.

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

Stop subterranean termites before they even have a chance to get started. We offer ground soil treatments that create a chemical barrier, blocking all future points of entry for termites trying to get into the building. The time to apply a soil treatment is prior to the placement of Visqueen on compacted soil, before concrete is poured.

Since Apex is one of the largest pretreat contractors in Florida, our buying power allows us to perform these treatments at a very low rate. Whether you choose Bora-Care®, Termidor®, or other major brand insecticides, we guarantee you will be pleased with our competitive prices. If you’re looking for the ultimate in termite protection, consider applying both a soil pretreatment and a wood pretreatment. This is a popular choice among homebuilders due to its effectiveness in keeping pests out of their customers’ homes.

Contact Apex Pest Control and request your impenetrable chemical pest shield. We service Florida coast to coast, providing quality service with a personal touch. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians are expertly trained and capable of preventing termite infestations before they start.

Pre-Construction Wood Treatment

Builders love direct wood treatments because this type of pretreatment is not delayed by weather or standing water in footers. The best time to apply Bora-Care® wood treatment is when all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing is in place and just before insulation is installed.

Take termite treatment directly to the food source with our pre-construction wood treatments. Pretreating wood eliminates the termite’s food source and has displayed incredible effectiveness. Are you having trouble deciding whether a soil or wood pretreatment would be more effective? Why not get both? Many homebuilders choose to use both soil and wood pretreatments to ensure the ultimate protection for their customers.

With Apex by your side, termites don’t stand a chance. We’ll stop the termite problem before it starts with a quality pre-construction wood treatment. Contact Apex today and schedule service.

PIPELINE™ In-Home Pesticide Distribution

Nothing adds value to a new home like Apex’s PIPELINE™ brand pesticide distribution system. Our innovative PIPELINE™ brand pesticide distribution system is installed in the exterior walls, culminating in a secure junction box on an outside wall. Once the home is finished, we can treat it for insect invaders by injecting safe products through perforated tubes and into the walls, without ever having to enter the home. No insecticides are placed in family living areas and no entry into the home is necessary, making this the ultimate in convenience and safety.

Whether you’re a homebuilder or buyer, the application of PIPELINE™ will add value and extra protection to your construction project. One of Apex’s friendly representatives will gladly arrange a consultation that works with your schedule so we can start your construction project off with added protection. Once the PIPELINE™ brand pesticide distribution system is applied to your project, we will handle all future maintenance without having to enter the home.

Before building your new home, ensure that you have the highest quality and most effective pest preventative measures. You’ll rest easy knowing that you have a strong wall of protection between your family and uninvited guests. Contact Apex Pest Control for more information on the PIPELINE™ brand pesticide distribution system.

For major savings and the ultimate protection, ask us about bundling soil treatment, wood treatment, and PIPELINE™ for your home project. You’ll be surprised at how reasonable the cost is for total protection.

Why use Apex’s PIPELINE™ brand pesticide distribution system”?

When we started discussing getting into this service, our intent was to develop a system that had both features and benefits that were unique and not something that was a copycat of the systems already on the market. We created a powder/dust-based system instead of liquids.

The advantages of a dust based system are:

  • There are no solvent-based pesticides used that could have adverse side effects such as staining or reactive conflicts with materials in the walls, especially pipes.
  • Dust cannot cause mold. Placing a liquid in a confined space can cause mold. Dust, in fact, are desiccants which inhibits mold growth.
  • No fumes.
  • Active results while using a minimal amount of product.
  • A product that protects the home from a wide variety of pests.
  • There is no conflict of interest. APEX is not owned by a nationwide builder.

Have a preexisting tube system? Apex can modify other competitors “tubes in the wall” type systems to accept our application.

Apex Pest Solutions provides a variety of services including pest control, termite control, and lawn care to many locations throughout Florida. We serve over 30 counties in and around the following areas: Orlando, Tampa, Brevard County, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade County and Broward County.