special3April is National Pest Management Month, and this spring, there’s a lot you can do as an individual homeowner to better secure your home from pests. From simple preventative measures to DIY pest control, there are some ways to put yourself ahead of the game in terms of pest management. But, there are many reasons why help from professionals, particularly Tampa pest control experts with decades of experience, may be the best route to take. We could fill a book with the reasons, but here are five often cited causes of bringing in a professional inspection during this important month.

  • Professionals are professionals: Although some pest management issues can seem to be solved on the surface, there can be layers to the damage and troubles insects can cause. Professionals understand this and can guarantee you the most thorough job when inspecting and securing your house. They are professionals for a reason, and the proactive approach they can take (not to mention the years of experience) will help to avoid future issues that the novice will rarely think of.
  • Chemicals: This is always a major reason to call in the experts; the use of chemicals and treatments to deal with pest control should only be done by those with high-level management knowledge. This is not only a personal safety concern, but important for the natural environment around your home. Professional pest management uses chemicals rarely and wisely.
  • Cost effectiveness: DIY pest control is a long-term versus short term proposition in terms of cost effectiveness. By treating problems yourself, you may be saving right now, but the issues you miss will cost you more down the road when a problem (like termites) is more ingrained. Damage can also accumulate quickly if not treated effectively the first time.
  • Piece of mind: It’s a simple reason to get a professional pest inspection this month, but a worthy one. You’re busy, you’re overworked, you have to take the kids to their soccer practice… Why add pest control to your list of responsibilities? Take this Sunday off and relax. When your home is cared for by pest control professionals, the piece of mind that comes with this knowledge is virtually priceless.
  • Schedule: If you go the DIY approach, you’ll have the set up a pest management schedule and maintain your home on your own time. Or, simply put in a call to professional pest experts and let them do the jobs that need to be done without ever having to worry about it. Good pest management is scheduled around you.

These are but a few reasons to consider getting a Tampa pest control inspection during April. As we head into the bug-filled summer months, there’s never really a better time to do it. At Apex, we offer no-obligation quotes and inspections, and we always get back to you within 24 hours. Give us a call today at 866-675-4070, and see what we can do for you.