special3Before you hire a Tampa pest control company, it is a good idea have some background knowledge to distinguish fact from fiction. Below are several key questions Apex Pest Control knows you’ll want to ask an exterminator before you sign a contract for Tampa pest control maintenance.

How safe are liquid insecticides around small children and pets?

Many liquid insecticides claim to be safe after they dry. The majority of the insecticide diminishes upon drying, true, but lingering chemicals are still present and may be strong enough to be considered dangerous to small pets and toddlers scooting across the floor. Apex offers a unique chemical broadcasting system on homes under construction: PipelineTM, which is installed within the framework of the house and contains an external port. When Apex’s professional exterminator arrives, the proper dosage of the pesticide your house needs is fed into Pipeline and distributed throughout the house with no residue.

What do you consider “natural” in natural pesticides?

“Natural” has become a buzzword in almost every industry, and pest control is no exception. Natural does not denote non-poisonous, however, and most earth- and pet-friendly chemicals are raw materials processed until the insect-toxic chemical reaches abnormally high levels.

Can you, as my Tampa pest control company, completely eradicate all pests?

Probably not, unless everyone on earth simultaneously uses pesticides. In other words, while your house may be protected from insects, it does not eliminate all the insects in your neighborhood. True, when they pass the insecticide barrier to your house they are contaminated with pesticide, but they may not be dead for a period of time afterward. Likewise, the perimeter barrier in your yard and home are stronger directly after a treatment and weaken as time passes.

Are all pest control services licensed and insured?

In Florida, it is imperative for contractors to be licensed and insured. If your exterminator cannot provide certification proving licensure, call another Tampa pest control service.

How is the correct amount of insecticide determined for my house?

Houses vary in size. The amount of insecticide used in an apartment will be significantly less than that utilized in a warehouse. The amount of spray is based on linear feet of a structure.

Apex Pest Control will inspect your home, yard, pool, and outbuildings before giving you a service quote. Each situation is different, so your service fee may vary significantly from your neighbor’s because of the extent of infestation, number of visits per year, and amount of structures on the property. Call (866) 675-4070 today or schedule a thorough inspection online of your home and property. Our blogs answer many questions customers ask pertaining to insects, yard maintenance, home protection, Tampa pest control, and other areas of interest.