The Atlantic Ocean, Cape Canaveral, cruise ships awaiting to whisk you to beautiful destinations…it seems Cocoa is at the heart of a fairy tale. Like most stories, Cocoa has its villains. In this case, it’s pests. The warm winter months and rainy, humid summers in Brevard County are ideal for many insects and arachnids that thrive in Cocoa’s sub-tropical climate. The hero in this tale is Apex Pest Control, Cocoa’s pest control company of choice. The experts at Apex can treat your home or business with quality products that make pests disappear as if by magic.

Apex can maintain your large or small business with preventive pest control maintenance on a schedule that meets your needs. We understand that your customers are your main concern, and will meet with you after hours or on Saturdays to treat your business, warehouses, corner shop, or storefront operation. If you find you have an existing infestation, give the Cocoa pest control team at Apex a call. We can determine the type of pest causing the problem, find the nest or nests, and eradicate all evidence. Follow-up visits will keep the pests from returning.

New construction in Cocoa will benefit from Apex’s guaranteed termite control. Apex offers a $1,000,000 guarantee for homes and $5,000,000 for businesses against termite damage when construction sites are pre-treated with Bora-Care®, Termidor®, or AdonisTM. By treating the construction site and building lumber and scheduling regular pest control maintenance, termite worries disappear.

Your home is where you unwind after a hard day and relax with your family. To keep your worries to a minimum, contact Apex. Our proven 14-point checklist for Cocoa pest control customers includes inspection of the home, including your home’s attic, crawl space, and overhangs; treatment of any existing lawn and/or home infestations; barrier protection to the property and home; inspection and treatment of all outbuildings on the premises, such as garages, storage sheds, pool houses, and play areas; and lawn treatment and maintenance.

Give the Apex Pest Control team a call at (866) 675-4070 to schedule an appointment for your home or business, and read our latest blogs for information pertaining to Cocoa pest control and prevention as well as home and lawn maintenance.