The Cocoa area is a historic piece of Central Florida and a place at the heart of local culture. From legendary beaches to one of the oldest downtowns on the coast, Cocoa has a wide range of environments for any visitor or local. That indeed extends, oddly, to pests as well. Situated close to the beach and in one of country’s most beautiful climates, Cocoa boasts both a large yearly tourist contingent and a seasonal influx of snowbirds. All this movement can lead to a host of issues for local lawns, and it is best to have Cocoa lawn care professionals on your side when working through the yearly evolution of environmental risks. Your lawn will thank you.

Lawn care anywhere in Central Florida is a full-time job, one that not every homeowner has the time to pursue. This is especially true with Cocoa, considering additional factors like the distance to the ocean and a constant pump of salt that this proximity creates. Going at it alone can be tough. But, with great local lawn maintenance experts like those at Apex, you can pass off a lot of this responsibility with ease and assurance

Our services are vast:

  • Decades of experience.
  • Monthly or weekly service plans that ensure your grass is ready for all the seasons year-round.
  • The skills and experience to take care of any sort of Cocoa area lawn pest, from fleas to the ubiquitous chinch bugs.
  • We offer $50.00 dollars off with the purchase of an annual plan.

As a family-owned and operated business, we’re here for the long haul, and our technicians are your neighbors and friends. Apex is equally invested in the care and look of Cocoa area lawns as homeowners themselves; we see ourselves reflected in our work and are a piece of this tight-knit community.

When it comes to lawn care issues locally, there are some complex factors to consider. Take the before-mentioned chinch bug. These are one of Florida’s most consistent lawn gremlins and a chore to fully extricate from your yard. They are identifiable by the circular brown patches that they systematically cut into St. Augustine grass lawns, but with knowledge of their habits and a relentless attitude, even they can be defeated.

So whether a long-time resident of the Cocoa area, or someone just moving to town, look to Apex for your year-round lawn care needs. With our no-cost, no-obligation inspections and a fleet of jovial technicians, we are the Cocoa lawn care company to have on call. With that in mind, call us anytime at (866) 675-4070, and put your lawn in the best care possible.