cockroachAs if the germs and filth were not enough, we now have another reason to abhor an insect that permeates every populated continent on the planet – the cockroach. Evidence has recently tied cockroaches with the symptoms of allergies. Yes, many unsuspecting sufferers are allergic to cockroaches. After reading these facts, if you believe you have a cockroach allergy, see an allergist and contact Orlando pest control company, Apex Pest Control, to ensure your home is free of these nasty insects. Here are some things you should know about cockroaches.

  • Your body’s immune system fends off foreign invaders; individuals with asthma and allergic relations have hypersensitive immune systems that take innocuous substances, such as cockroach allergens, and turn them into allergic triggers.
  • First reported in 1943, a cockroach allergy causes skin rashes on any area of the epidermis where a roach has crawled.
  • A huge amount of asthma sufferers – 60% – are sensitive to cockroach allergens. Cockroach allergies affect at least 37% of inner-city children, which is a higher percentage than either dust mites or cats.
  • Most cockroach allergies occur in inner cities where apartment complexes are not maintained. Some well-insulated homes are also prone to cockroach allergens since the ambient air recirculates the allergens.
  • The occurrence of cockroach allergies in children has escalated sharply in the last thirty years, which parallels the incidence of children spending most of their time playing inside rather than out.
  • 78% to 98% of all urban homes house cockroaches. These homes will have as many as 900 to 330,000 cockroaches present.
  • Symptoms include chronic stuffy nose, skin rash, sinus infection, ear infections, and/or asthma.

If you believe you are allergic to cockroaches, call Apex Pest Control to rid your home of the catalyst of your allergies. Their team will spray the interior and exterior of the home and set up barrier protection to keep cockroaches from entering your home. Many asthma sufferers cannot medically handle insecticides. Contact Orlando pest control experts, Apex Pest Control, at (866) 675-4070 and speak with one of their representatives to determine the best course of action for the health of you and your family.