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It’s Time to Tell Your Lawn to Wake Up From its Slumber

summer-lawn-care-guide-1Hello Springtime! One of the best seasons of the year is here which means we get to enjoy mild temperatures and fewer bugs. Spring is also the time to start thinking about your lawn again—it’s reawakening after the “winter” lull and is expecting a lot of good things from you. If you need some help tending your lawn or just want advice, call the Orlando lawn care experts Apex. Along with tips and advice, we offer fertilizing and pest control treatments that will keep your yard looking happy and fresh all year long. In the meantime, here are some monthly tips to get your lawn ready for the warm Florida months that lie ahead of us:

March – Prep Your Lawn—early spring is a time for raking and cleaning up yard debris—it’s also one of the best times for dethatching, which is when dead grass and other debris is removed. Mow your grass lower than normal then use a grape (grubbing) hoe to remove the thatch. Allow your lawn to grow and then check to see if thatch has been properly cleared.

Once the lawn has been dethatched and the soil temperature has reached 55 degrees, apply pre-emergent weed control products. March is also a great time to aerate your lawn, which is where a tool is used to remove plugs of soil, roots and grass to allow air, water and nutrients to get down into the ground below the lawn where they can do their best work.

April – Fertilize—start fertilizing as soon as the threat of frost is gone. It can be difficult to know when that is, but in warm-season areas, it’s usually around mid to late April. April is also a good time to think about contacting a pest control company about laying down treatments to keep pests from ruining all your hard work.

May – Support—late spring is the time of ultimate growth, it’s important that you keep adding fertilizer to keep your grass fat and happy, and mowing to keep things from getting wild. It’s also a time of water management—you want to keep your soil just moist enough so that your grass will keep growing—that means noting how much it rains and adjusting your watering schedule accordingly because everyone knows how sporadic the Florida afternoon thunderstorms can be.

Lawns, like people, tend to thrive when receiving generous amounts of TLC—this is particularly true during the spring. If you’d like some help offering all that love and care, call the Orlando lawn care experts at Apex at 800-929-2847 and one of our highly trained staff will come out and provide you with a no obligation quote.

Want to Make Your Neighbors Jealous this Summer? 5 Spring Lawn Tips to Make That Happen

7F2A3895Spring is rapidly approaching, causing the thoughts of many to want to turn that brown patch found just outside the front door into an expanse of green. To ensure your lawn grows bright and lush as the weather warms, it’s important that you get up out of that Barcalounger, head outside and do the kinds of things that will make your lawn healthy and happy—it may not sing or whistle, but it’ll surely wish it could. To learn more about proper lawn care in Tampa, Orlando & Brevard County during different times of the year, contact the professionals at Apex. Our experts can offer both advice and services that can help to ensure a beautiful lawn this year. Below are five areas of lawn care that are particularly important during the spring months.

Mowing the Lawn

Mowing your lawn in the spring should be done carefully to make sure you don’t abuse your grass. Keep the blades higher than in the summer to encourage thick growth which will crowd out weeds. Doing so will mean you will need to mow more often, generally once a week. Also be sure to keep those blades sharp; when dull they can tear the grass causing a ragged looking lawn. It’s also a good idea to mulch the cut grass because it causes nutrients to recycle back into the soil.


It’s generally a good idea to fertilize your lawn four to five times every year, with one of those times occurring during the spring when the grass is waking from the cool of winter. Using the right fertilizer is critical: it’s your lawn’s sole source of nutrients. To find out which fertilizer is right for your lawn, test the soil for PH level and then choose a fertilizer with a blend that will balance the acidity or alkalinity of your yard—use a granular brand so you won’t have to apply it very often.


During the spring it’s critical that you go toe-to-toe with weeds. Don’t allow them to gain an advantage because there are several things you can do in addition to pulling them up. First mow your grass higher than in the summer to encourage a thick lawn that will overwhelm weeds. Also water just enough to keep the grass healthy: healthy grass discourages weed growth. If you already have weeds, use a product like Weed & Feed because it fertilizes and also kills weeds. And finally, use a lawn care product containing a pre-emergent to prevent new weeds from getting started.

Core Aeration

One of the main things you can do to help your lawn in the spring is apply core aeration. This is where a tool is used to grab “plugs” of grass and the dirt they are in from random spots in your yard. The purpose of core aeration is to relieve pressure in the soil, which helps fertilizer get to where it needs to go. It also helps to make roots stronger and later on will make your yard better able to tolerate heat and drought.


Sprinkling seed on your yard every year in the spring ensures new growth, which is essential for a lush lawn plus it will likely make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Timing is important though because you don’t want to sprinkle seeds when you have a pre-emergent or weed killer down, of course, because it will prevent the seeds from germinating.

For the best in lawn care in Tampa, Orlando & Brevard County, contact the experts at Apex, we offer tips, advice and services such as fertilization, weed treatments and pest control to help you have a lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Go Green or Go Home: 4 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Lawn

prettylawnandtreesWith spring right around the corner, it’s natural for people to start thinking about their lawns  and speaking of natural, why not let this be the year that you start thinking of ways to make your lawn more eco-friendly…yes, the other kind of green. Lawns have taken a lot of heat (other than from the sun) in the past few years, with some beginning to wonder about the logic of pouring all that precious water and fertilizer on plants that we don’t even eat. If you’d like ideas on how to make your lawn less environmentally harmful, contact the professionals at Apex. We offer a host of environmentally friendly ways to help keep your lawn looking as good as ever without all the harmful side effects. In the meantime, here are a few eco-friendly lawn care tips for keeping your lawn doubly green:

Take advantage of natural mulch Instead of bagging cut grass, why not attach a mulching blade to your mower. Your grass will thank you for it and you’ll be happier because you won’t have to deal with the heavy leftovers after mowing. Also consider running your mower over leaves in the fall instead of raking them. It’s all natural fertilizer.

Start a compost bin Dead grass, leaves and other biodegradable material can be put in a bin where nature will turn it into free fertilizer for you.

Harvest rainwater Buying drums to collect rainwater allows you to water your lawn during dry times without incurring the wrath of local water management groups. It’s easy, free and will totally make you feel good about yourself.

Buy an electric push or riding mower Electric mowers don’t emit pollution directly into the air, and push mowers don’t cause any sort of pollution at all. Neither is hard to use and both will help you feel better about having a big beautiful lawn.

For more tips on how to keep your lawn green using more eco-friendly methods, or to learn more about lawn fertilizer and treatment services, contact your lawn care experts in Orlando, Tampa & Brevard County at Apex, we can help you grow the best looking lawn in your neighborhood without harming the rest of the planet.

Don’t Break Up with Your Lawn! Find Out Why Lawn Maintenance is Crucial in Florida.

summer-lawn-care-guide-1Do you ever get the feeling that all the time you spend working on your lawn might be better spent doing such things as, say, lying in a hammock daydreaming about life as an accomplished flugelhorn player? Or perhaps you’ve declared war on your home turf, eyeing it with suspicion every time you leave the house or averting your gaze when you return. You’re not alone, many Floridians cry uncle at some point, and go with a simpler “relaxed” motif. Sadly, as that old saying goes, there is no free lunch. Neglecting your lawn or landscaping can lead to other pretty serious problems. To learn more about the consequences of filing divorce papers with your lawn, call the lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control in Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County at 866-675-4070. We can help with the problems, allowing you to see the beauty in your yard again. In the meantime, below are three pretty good incentives for patching things up with that lawn of yours:

  1. Neglecting your lawn is expensive: Florida is semitropical, so have you seen what a lawn looks like that goes without care in this area? It’s not like the grass will quit growing or the weeds will take a vacation while you’re on break. You could wind up with a jungle out there. At some point it will become too difficult to ignore, and then you’ll have to fork over a lot of cash to tame it.
  2. Your lawn and landscaping directly impact the value of your property: If you drive around your neighborhood, you’ll almost certainly notice how the houses with the nicest lawns and landscaping contrast sharply with those surrounded by disarray. Which ones do you think have more value?
  3. Your lawn is a part of the package that is you and your family: Your lawn and landscaping frame your house, like a showcase, showing the world who you are. A well cared-for lawn says good things about you.

While you might be tempted at times to dig up your yard and plant concrete petunias, don’t despair, there is help available—all you need do is call the friendly lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control in Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County at 866-675-4070. We design lawn care solutions to fit your needs—we’re experts on Florida grass and soil, analyzing each lawn before mixing a custom blend of granular and liquid applications for fertilizing and pest control. We also offer counseling and advice, such as how and when to water your lawn, so it will always be happy with you.

Win the Battle Against Drywood Termites

When most people think of termites, they are most likely thinking about subterranean termites; you know, the kind that live in the soil and travel back and forth from a nest to a wood source like your house to party. These termites deserve all the press they get since they’re responsible for most of the home damage that people experience or hear about by the pest-control paparazzi. But what about drywood termites? Those nasty little bugs that live inside of wood, hiding, eating away until they’ve ruined the lumber beams that support your house or your favorite antique armoire? They deserve some attention too, because despite their low profile, they can cause a lot of problems. If you suspect you might have drywood termites, call the termite control professionals at Apex Pest Control in Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County at 866-675-4070. We’ll send an expert over to determine the extent of the problem and wipe them out.

First of all, what does drywood termite damage look like? In the beginning, it won’t look like anything because they hide inside of the wood they’re eating, leaving very few clues. These termites are sneaky! They don’t need soil contact since the wood they eat provides the moisture they need to survive. As they feed, they form what are known as galleries, which are connected tunnels inside the wood. Left to their own devices long enough they’ll consume all of the wood in a piece of lumber or sheathing, right up to the wood’s surface. They also eat wood in a pattern either with or against the grain. Wood eaten against the grain is a sign of drywood termite tunneling and damage. Interestingly, the inside of a feeding tube generally looks like it has been smoothed with sandpaper.

One sign of drywood termites is frass—small, dry pellet feces the insects leave behind as they zip and dash while chowing down on your house. Most of the pellets wind up inside of the wood and get kicked out, creating a small pile next to the wood, which to the casual onlooker, resembles a tiny pile of sand. These kick-out holes aren’t always easy to see, however, since drywood termites plug-up exit holes with pieces of frass that they have cemented together. Plus, it’s only upon close inspection that their presence becomes evident because they don’t like to make a scene or be the center of attention.

Upon learning more about drywood termites, most people want to know what sorts of wood are at risk. Sadly, drywood termites can infest and damage even dry, sound wood, which often means roof sheathing, joists, rafters, steps, siding, trim, floors, decks, porches, door windows and frames, furniture, walls and interior wood trim.

If you suspect you might have termites inside a piece of wood, knock on it with your knuckles, and if it sounds hollow inside, chances are your suspicions will be confirmed. That would be the time to call the termite control experts at Apex Pest Control in Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County at 866-675-4070. We can inspect the evidence and let you know if you have a problem, how big it is, and just how much damage the termites have done—and get rid of them for you right away.

Write a Valentine’s Day Love Letter to Your Lawn

hand-299675_1280February is here, so why not send your lawn a Valentine’s Day love letter, describing all of the incredible ideas and wonderful ways you plan to make it look amazing this year. Lawns, like us humans, respond in a glowing fashion to generous doses of TLC. Imagine yourself outside, walking barefoot across the lush green carpet, the birds singing, the sun dipping below the horizon as a smile slowly sneaks its way across your face. Spring will be here before you know it, the time for planning how to pamper your lawn this year is now. One great way to get things started is by calling the lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control in Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County at 866-675-4070. We can offer tips, guidance and the tender application of nutrients and treatments that will have your lawn cooing with pleasure.

But don’t stop there, why not peruse the top lawn and landscape trends for 2015, some of which are likely to include natural landscapes, outdoor living rooms, portable gardening or edible landscapes with fruit trees and berry bushes—or imagine yourself peacefully planting flowers that will attract butterflies and bees or putting in flower beds with annuals and single-color shades or flowers with Earth tones to bring out the gold in the Floridian sun during the summertime.

Naturally, there should be some practical considerations like feeding your lawn with the finest food (fertilizer), so it can look its best, as will your roses, palm trees, hedges and shrubs. There’s also the pesky matter of, well, pests, such as ants, beetles, mole crickets, grasshoppers and stink bugs. These lawn predators are lurking and ready to destroy your dream of the most spectacular lawn in the history of your neighborhood. Here’s where Apex comes to the rescue! Our lawn care experts in Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County offer service plans overflowing with the special needs of your lawn and garden in mind. We’ll keep those nasty bugs, weeds, fungi and other annoyances at bay, helping you fulfill every promise you might want to make in your Valentine’s missive this year.

Winter Watering Wonderland: How to Water Your Lawn this Winter

7F2A3895Advice on caring for your lawn over the warm seasons in Florida is abundant, filled with ideas on watering and fertilizing schedules, but what should homeowners do for their lawns during the winter months? Though we don’t get snow, and it very rarely freezes in the lower parts of the state, the grass in our lawns still goes dormant. Does that mean we can ignore it until spring? The Orlando lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control can help answer such questions, but, in general, caring for your lawn during the winter is pretty easy.

Those who live in Florida know that winter is the “dry” season, with Mother Nature generally offering an average of two inches less rain than during the warmer months. With your lawn dormant anyway, should you water it? Truthfully, it depends on the weather. Though your lawn is dormant, it’s not dead, which means it still needs water–it just needs a lot less than in the warmer months when it’s putting a lot more effort into growing and being greener. If it rains periodically, there is no point in watering your lawn, but if you experience a dry spell, then it’s a good idea to water for a short time (under 30 minutes, a couple times a month) unless the weather reports suggest it’s likely to freeze in the near future. If you water, and it freezes, the blades will be damaged, which of course is a problem. Also, if you overwater your lawn, your grass will become brittle, which can lead to breakage if there is frost in the forecast. As for fertilizing, there is no need. Your grass can’t use it while it’s dormant, so you should wait till spring to fertilize your lawn.

There are a couple of things our Orlando lawn care experts recommend you can do to help your lawn get ready for the warm season:

  • Core Aeration – Core aeration involves using a tool to relieve compaction in the lawn.
  • Thatching – Thatching involves removing excess debris that has built up to a point where it can’t break down on its own.

Caring for your lawn during the winter months is easy, it’s the spring, summer, and fall where things get a little more complex. To have the healthiest, best-looking lawn in your area, contact the Orlando lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control today. We have all the available resources to make your lawn look its best all year long.

Solidify Your Lawn’s Defenses With a Fall Lawn Care Plan

summer-lawn-care-guide-1Though Florida’s fall and winter seasons are not as cold as they are for our northern neighbors, homeowners still need to give their lawns an extra boost of protection during the cooler months with additional Orlando lawn care. Autumn is the time to start preparing for not just cooler weather, but for any upcoming freezes. By giving it the defense it needs now, your lawn will be able to come right back to life when spring rolls around.

One of the first things that should be done as the days grow colder, is to start cutting your grass shorter and less frequently than you did during the summer. This will help your lawn grow deeper roots which will allow for drawing more nutrients from the soil. Also, make sure you’re giving your lawn the proper amount of water. Too little and it’ll turn brown and die–too much and it will grow soggy, allowing fungi to start growing. Just as in the summer, it’s always best to water in the morning when it’s less windy and when the sun isn’t as strong–both will help prevent the water from evaporating before it can soak into the soil. It’s also a good idea to check with your city or town about watering ordinances to make sure you’re working within the rules.

Autumn is also a good time to review, and possibly revise, your fertilizer choices. As the temperature changes, your grass will want to put its energy into building stronger roots rather than into growing taller. Look for fertilizers marked “winterizing,” they’ll provide the best nutrients for your lawn throughout the fall, winter, and into early spring.

One final Orlando lawn care tip: autumn is also one of the best times to think about pesticide control–many insects spend the cooler fall and winter months as larvae, burrowing into the ground and tearing apart your lawn.

If you’d like assistance getting your lawn ready for the winter months, call the experts at Apex Pest Control today. We offer several different Orlando lawn care options and can develop a comprehensive plan uniquely suited to your needs. As a collaborative team, we’ll make sure your lawn is healthy and ready to thrive come spring.
How do you solidify your lawn’s care during the changing seasons? Share your lawn care tips with us and we’ll share them with our followers.

Lawn Care and Landscaping Like the Pros

prettylawnandtreesAlthough August has come to a close and we’re past the dog-days of summer in Florida, homeowners would be wise to keep an eye on their Orlando lawn care and landscaping. Lawn and landscaping care is a year-round job, requiring regular maintenance and treatment. At Apex, we’d like to offer a few insider tips to help you get the most out of your lawn and garden.

  • Watering. For the most effective watering schedule, try running your sprinklers early in the morning or later in the evening. Doing so will help reduce evaporation due to high daytime temperatures. Wind speeds are also generally slower during off periods, allowing water to settle and sink in.
  • Trimming. Don’t mow your grass too short. While it might be tempting to cut your grass as short as possible to lengthen the time between mowing, cutting it too short can cause problems. The best approach is to mow to the maximum recommended height for the type of grass you have–4” for St. Augustine and 1.5” for Bermuda–that will help train your grass to grow deeper root systems which will make it more robust.
  • Mulching. Try mulching your flower beds and landscaped areas. By mulching, you will help prevent runoff and soil erosion, allowing roots to stay moist. A good technique is to put fast decomposing mulch–such as grass clippings, hay, or tree leaves–on flower beds and slowly decomposing mulch such as wood bark or seed hulls around trees.
  • Planting. Go green in your garden by planting native plants. Trying to grow plants not native to Florida is challenging, to say the least. To get the best outcome, stick with plants that are attuned to Florida’s climate (hot and humid) and that are reasonably resistant to local animals and insects. They’ll tend to thrive with the least care while providing shelter to native wildlife.

Every good lawn care regimen starts with a solid plan. That plan begins with being proactive and aware of the possible pest problems that could affect your lawn and property. With the help of Apex Pest Control, we’ll craft a fool-proof Orlando lawn care plan to keep your lawn green and pest free all year round. To learn more about ways to care for your lawn and garden, contact one of our experts at Apex Pest Control. We can offer both advice and assistance with helping to ensure you have a happy, healthy lawn all year long.

Do you have any lawn care tips? Share this post and tell us your tips and tricks for a healthy, green lawn.


Choosing a Lawn Care Company to Maintain Your Lawn

IMG_6964For many homeowners, a lush, green lawn might seem to be an unattainable goal. Orlando lawn care can be a complex undertaking, and requires a knowledge of soil, fertilizers, weed types, irrigation, insects, diseases, and more.

That’s why many homeowners hire a lawn care service. Letting someone else maintain your lawn gives you more time to enjoy it! If you’re selecting a lawn service, here are some key components to keep in mind:

  • Training and Professionalism. Many companies and individuals offer mowing and edging services. However, if your lawn requires fertilizer, insecticides, fungicides, or herbicides, you’ll need the services of a licensed pest control company. An experienced and licenced pest control company will have the training and know-how to complete advanced lawn care, beyond aesthetic maintenance.
  • Customer Service.Orlando lawn care service providers should be easy to reach via phone, online or in person. Your interactions with anyone from the company should be pleasant and satisfactory.
  • Customer Satisfaction. When you contact companies, verify that the company is both licensed and insured. Explain your concerns about your lawn, and ask for a lawn care plan that addresses your concerns. A technician should thoroughly inspect your lawn and design a plan that’s specific to your lawn’s needs. The company you hire should always guarantee their work, and if you’re unsatisfied with a treatment that they’ve performed, the company should not hesitate to send a technician back out to your home to reevaluate.
  • Custom Lawn Maintenance Plan. After the initial visit, the Orlando lawn care company should generate a tailored lawn maintenance plan for your lawn and determine how and when they are going to execute that plan. Make sure the company provides you with a written service agreement, spelling out exactly what services will be provided. Make sure the company will provide you with advance notice of any chemical or pesticide treatment, so you can secure lawn furniture or other equipment, and take steps to protect any children or pets.

Exactly what can you expect when you choose Apex lawn service? In short, the best. In more detail, we provide an array of Orlando lawn care services, specifically tailored for the Florida environment, to keep your lawn lush, green and pest-free. Apex Pest Control will provide you with a complete lawn inspection and analysis before your treatment. We genuinely care about our customers, and we’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied. Contact one of our Customer Care Representatives to discuss your needs today.

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