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New Scientific Discovery Could Help the Future of Pest Control

7F2A3895The future of pest control is becoming the present. The Brevard County pest control experts at Apex are on the cutting edge of many advancements and discoveries, including one recently unearthed by scientists at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. Led by researcher Joanne Yew, the team discovered a gene within vinegar flies that regulates the pest’s waterproof coating. When this gene was removed in the lab, the fly’s life spans were reduced by as much as 50 percent.

One of the mechanisms of this gene is to allow flies to stick to a surface, and when removed, the flies can no longer do so. Hence, the newly discovered gene was nicknamed “spidey” by the team, in homage to the legendary comic book character’s ability to stick to walls himself. With the spidey gene removed, Yew’s team proved they could control a population, which decimates major agriculture in a number of climates, completely without the use of any kind of physical pesticide.

The team at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa plans to now try a similar technique on other pests, such as the Zika-carrying mosquitoes and Mediterranean fruit flies. Yew said that “We did this work in vinegar flies, which is a major model organism. From here, perhaps we can bridge to pest species.” This type of research can take time; Yew estimates at least four years before any further work will be completed on mosquitoes and others. It would also be a while until proper governmental protocols could gain approval, as well as developing a reasonable plan to use this research as an alternative pest control solution.

However, it is these types of revolutionary genetic techniques that hold the future of pest control. And the Brevard County pest control experts at Apex stay alert of all developing methods and research that can assist in the pest battle. As new systems become available, we will be on the frontline for any useful way to make your home and yard less vulnerable to Florida’s always burgeoning pest population. For more information, feel free to call 866-675-4070.

How Homeowners Can Avoid Wasps on Their Property

wasp-1122488_1920Wasps. The name has a certain zap to it all by itself. And whether you are allergic or not, everyone understands the vicious sting of a wasp. They’ve been around since the Jurassic age, stinging, building nests, and ruining dinosaur picnics (one would imagine). But there are some things local homeowners can do to help avoid developing a wasp problem around their property. And when all else fails, always remember to call the professionals in Brevard County pest control at Apex.

One thing to keep in mind, as most long-time Brevardians will probably know, is that wasps take well to the very homes we ourselves like to live in. Corners under awnings and isolated portions of structures are often magnets for wasps to build a nest. Long tall grass that is uncut, especially in the summer months, can often become home to ground wasp nest: stepping into one of those is a pretty unpleasant experience. Wasps work efficiently and quickly in nest construction, and a minor problem can become a major one fairly quickly. While a wasp sting can ruin an afternoon, those who are allergic know the danger that their venom can possess. And even if your family is not allergic to a wasp sting, neighbors, friends, and even the postman may just be.

So, in general, it’s a good idea to keep your property as wasp-free as possible. With that goal in mind, Apex has four easy tips that could help you along the way:


  • Remove food and cover trashcans: It is pretty simple since wasps feed mainly on other insects, and other insects are attracted to trash and food. By lowering your general insect population, you’ll be going a long way in avoiding wasps.
  • Home Maintenance: As was mentioned earlier, wasps are fantastic at using our structures as their homes. Simple and consistent maintenance of problem areas, such as under gutters and awnings, will keep any wasp issue to a minimum.
  • Use Wasp Traps: These work, and there are even some nifty DIY ones that can be made easily. Wasp traps, however, are generally going to be most useful for a small isolated wasp issue in an outside area your family may frequent and are, at best, a short-term solution.
  • Call Apex: It’s often our best advice, but it makes sense: for the big problems, call the professionals. Wasps in large numbers can be dangerous, and thorough removal takes skill and experience. Apex’s Brevard County pest control experts have these attributes in our hive of skilled and friendly agents.


Call us at 800-929-2847, or contact us online for a quote; we’ll always get back to you within 24 hours.

5 Tips to Help Avoid Pests This Summer

7F2A3956Insects and pests thrive in the summer, and so do we. Whether it’s outdoors, on vacation on a shore, or just sitting and enjoying the sun on the porch front, the places you want to be this summer are the very same pests are looking to be. But all is not lost: there are some simple and relatively carefree ways to keep bugs from ruining the long bright warm days of the summer. Below, we’ll walk you through five that we in the Brevard pest control field find most useful.

  • Use Wind: Nature’s insect repellent. The wind would seem like a ridiculous way to take care of any problem in today’s technological and chemically based world, but don’t overlook it. It really does not take much of a breeze to completely deter small winged insects like mosquitoes. The key is setting up your outdoor summer celebration with this in mind: avoid enclosed areas, and try to be in zones that maximize the push of the wind. Setting up a proper airflow will help ventilation for tiki torches, citronella candles, and insect coils, as well.
  • Minimize Moisture: Pests need and thrive on moisture, especially in the warm glow of the summer. If you have a high tree-line, try thinning it out a little to allow for a more forceful sunlight. And make certain to have any standing water, no matter how small (mosquito larvae can flourish in water sources as small as a plastic soda top), emptied out as often as possible. Take note of the places this water accumulation occurs frequently.
  • Control Your Lawn: An unruly lawn might as well be a welcome mat for pests. Very long grass, in particular, acts as a habitat for ticks and can be a cover for many other creatures of the summer.
  • Avoid Attractants: Pests come to your house for reasons that don’t include what you have on your DVR. Keep food exposure to a minimum, and all trash needs to be secured, and more importantly, well sealed. Camping rules, used while at home, can go a long way. Also, lights attract all manner of both pests and the bigger pests that eat pests. Bright white lights do so more than yellow or an alternate color. Or, simply turn them off when not outside.
  • Pest Control: The final frontier. There’s only so much you can do to keep pests out of your hair for the summer. Fortunately, Brevard pest control can help in eliminating and managing pests at a professional level. When the little things fail, go with the big things.

So, these are just a few ideas that you can do practice in order to keep your summer on the lower side of the bug scale. But for more exact pest management, call Apex at 866- 675-4070. We offer a free no obligation quote and visit, and will always get back to you within 24 hours. Even in the summer.

The Second Most Damaging Insect: Powderpost Beetle

pest-specialWhile many pests and insects in Florida are more well-known, powderpost beetles absolutely can be a home’s worst nightmare. The name powderpost comes from what the larvae of the beetle can do to a solid post of wood in no time: turn it to powder. These pests live off of wood, much like the more commonly known termite, and can be very difficult to identify until the damage is farther along. Contacting Apex’s Brevard pest control specialists early, and in the best case scenario, while your home is being built, helps tremendously in the troubling issue that is powderpost beetles damage and destruction.

One of their main behavioral issues for us is that they thrive on eating hardwoods and softwoods of a wide variety: they can easily make themselves at home on the inside of your walls, bookshelves, desks, cabinets, staircases, attics, and pretty much any area that contains wood. Wood preservatives can be used to avoid the possibility of infestation by powderpost beetles all together, but these can only be easily applied before construction of a home or wood furniture, which makes thinking ahead in regards to Brevard pest control a critical part of management.

If an infestation is suspected (small pinholes in the surface of any wood being the best indicator) and confirmed, a full fumigation of your home is recommended. This will get to the pests and eradicate them deep within the wood without the need for stripping paint and varnish. Powederpost beetles continue generational cycles of reproduction within wood for long periods of time if conditions are suited to them, and the larvae that eat the wood can spend months within walls as they develop. In short, powderpost beetles can be a long-term headache.

Fortunately, Brevard pest control with Apex is well suited to handle any level of powderpost infestation you may have. As stated, identifying a colony is very difficult with this particular pest, and because they are not as well know, the beetles are sometimes not suspects in wood damage. Because of these things, if you feel you may a have a problem with powderpost beetles, it is a good idea to contact us at 866-675-4070. Quotes are free with zero obligation, and you will get a response within 24 hours. Feel free to contact us through this very website as well.

How to Tackle Your Tick Problem

tick-1271763_1280When temperatures are above freezing at night – which is most of the time in Florida – it is considered tick season. These blood-sucking arachnids can be as tiny as the head of a pin, which makes them nearly impossible to detect until they bite. The Brevard County pest control team at Apex Pest Control presents a short tutorial on ticks, and how to protect yourself during tick season.

Ticks are parasites that attach themselves to their host and feed on their blood. A tick reaches adulthood in about three years, going through four life stages. Each stage requires a host, and hosts can range from birds and amphibians to mammals. When a tick reaches its next life stage, it generally detaches from its host before it transforms, then finds a new host. Ticks generally find human hosts during their last two stages: nymph and adult.

Attaching to a new host may take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the type of tick and stage of life cycle. During this time, the tick grasps the skin and cuts away the outer surface, inserting a proboscis that sucks up blood and may send out a small amount of saliva that acts as an anesthetic to keep the host from realizing it has been bitten. When a tick attaches itself to the second host, any pathogens from the previous host are transmitted.

Ticks like to attach at the bends of your body: elbows, the back of your knees, or armpits as well as any place where fabric is tight against the body, such as athletic sock ribbing or waistbands. If you are able to shower immediately after hiking through the woods or when you see a tick on you, chances are you can wash away any other ticks.

Because ticks carry a host of diseases – Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and a tremendous amount of viral, bacterial, and pathogenic disorders – it is important to protect yourself.

The risk of human tick infection is greatest in late spring and summer. If you have noticed ticks in the area you plan to be near, wear tall socks with pants tucked inside the socks, or use heavy-duty tape to tape your pants around your ankles. Ticks are attracted to lighter colors; wearing dark colors in areas known to harbor ticks may keep them away.

If you find a particular area of your property is prone to harbor ticks, call Apex Pest Control at 866-675-4070. The Brevard County pest control team at Apex will spray your property to eliminate the threat of a tick population. Please browse our website, which has information pertaining to how you can protect your family and property from a host of different pests, including insects, arachnids, and small mammals.

5 Reasons Why Apex Pest Control is the Right Choice

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 1.59.20 PMAt what point do you think it is best to contact Apex Pest Control concerning a pest problem? When you see ants marching across your patio toward your house? When normally nocturnal insects, such as palmetto bugs, are brazen enough to show themselves during the day? When you see termite damage on your wood doorframes? Obviously, those are clear indications that Apex needs to be notified, but a better opportunity for Apex to visit is before any of these telltale signs occur. Read the five reasons below to learn why Apex is the Brevard County pest control company to contact when you are concerned about insects, arachnids, or other pests.


  • You see insect nests dangling from the eaves of your porch, droppings in the kitchen drawer, or discoloration along the edges of magazines or books. While a few people are skilled enough to accurately pinpoint the pest responsible for these signs, most of us are not. Apex’s team of trained professionals knows the culprit causing the majority of pest problems and can find a workable solution for controlling those pests.
  • Spiders have suddenly invaded your sunroom, and they seem to be all over. Apex understands the habits of pest populations and can find nests much more rapidly than you can. From hives of carpenter bees to nests of roaches, Apex has the expertise to search out pests and destroy their homes.
  • Grocery stores and hardware stores carry insecticides. Why not use those instead of calling Apex? Apex does not use broad-spectrum insecticide when a specific formula will eliminate the problem pests at your home. By matching the treatment to the pest, much less insecticide is utilized, and it is sprayed in the correct locations.
  • Many homeowners believe if a little bit of insecticide kills most of the bugs, an abundance of chemicals will keep pests away indefinitely. Unfortunately, that is not true. Spraying too many chemicals at once can harm the yard, pets, beneficial amphibians, and even people. Instead of spraying a broad-spectrum insecticide that may not eliminate the pest you are attempting to eradicate, contact Apex to spray the correct amount of the appropriate insecticide.
  • Apex saves you money. While insecticides purchased at a hardware store are cheaper than contacting Apex, the value is negotiable. Remember, value far outweighs the cost, so if you spray for roaches, for instance, and they miraculously disappear for three days only to reappear, is it worth your time and effort to repeat spraying indefinitely? More than likely the insects will build up an immunity to the chemical you are using rather than succumbing to secondhand treatments.


Apex Pest Control will gladly send out a trained technician to speak with you concerning our Brevard County pest control services. Set up an appointment today by calling (866) 675-4070. We also have an abundance of blogs relating to Apex’s services, from home and commercial pest control to lawn maintenance and construction treatments.

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