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Four Most Common Termites in Florida

subterranean_termitesIt’s the Sunshine State, but just as equally, it could be called the termite state. Aging indoor and outdoor wood, that ubiquitous sun, a mix of rural and urban land, and a year-round weather pattern that suits them just fine: Florida and Brevard County are a natural home for this feared destructive pest. Using Brevard County pest control icons with decades of local experience, such as those at Apex, will help in your preparation, defense, and removal of termites. Central and South Florida, with Brevard County’s local mild weather in particular, are magnets for termites beyond what is seen in other parts of the state (where their numbers are often limited by winter freezes). To beat the enemy, it helps to know them including each sub-species and its own quirks and peculiarities. These four local species are the most common for you to find in our area:


  • Eastern Subterranean Termite


Probably the most commonly found in all of the United States, these termites are active during the day and, like most species, consumers of nearly any type of wood. They are the most feared swarming variety of the bug, with common Brevard County colony creation times occurring in the winter and spring. Prepare early and often for them.


  • Dampwood Termite


Not nearly as fearsome as the Eastern Subterranean variety, this more ancient sub-species of termites can cause a bit of nuisance. They are active at night, but usually eat damp wood (such as tree stumps in swamps) and will not eat treated wood that makes up most Florida structures. Spotting dampwood termites is a concern more because it means you have the environment for termites, as opposed to worrying about these ones in particular.


  • Formosan Termite


Native to regions in Asia, this invasive termite has found living in North America suits it just fine. It’s renowned for the sheer size of the colonies it creates in the spring, and of course, the damage these giant swarms can produce as well. Well-established colonies can eat 13 ounces of wood daily.


  • Powderpost Termite


Powderposts are another termite active during daylight hours, and they get their name from their legendary ability to turn wooden posts into powder. University of Florida professors, in a book on the matter, pegged the destruction caused exclusively by powderposts at $100 million a year. They live comfortably inside of wood of many types and can be difficult to spot.
With each sub-species having so many different exclusive behaviors and seasons, it’s difficult to keep up with which ones may be targeting your area. Some older homes are more vulnerable, and some colonies are actually established in distinct parts of Brevard County. Because of all this, having Brevard County pest control experts on your side is crucial. Call today for a free no obligation inspection and quote at 866-675-4070.

Small Mice Can Cause Big Problems

mastomys-444523_1920The issues that a mouse population can bring to your home and family are wide-ranging, and in Florida, a year-round concern. Brevard country, in particular, offers a lot of general habitat for mice; with a solid mix of rural and semi-developed land, along with abundant freshwater resources, mice are pretty common. When they start living in your home, it becomes pretty worrisome. Perhaps the only positive of mice, as compared to say termites, is that when you have a problem, you’ll definitely know it. Mice are ubiquitous and not prone to being stealthy. They also reproduce at a famously incredible level, and just a few can turn into just a few dozen rather quickly. To avoid this, always trust the experts in Brevard County pest control at Apex if you have even a hint of a growing problem with this vermin.

Indeed, the results of inaction can be dire; from simple property damage to health issues. Mice chew through wires and tear up insulation, they gnaw and eat just about anything, and they can, in large numbers, weaken even the general infrastructure of your home. Not only that, but mice droppings near food (which can actually be hard to detect) could be very dangerous to you and your families health due to the possibility of food contamination. A range of illness from lymphocytic choriomeningitis to something horrible sounding named rickettsial pox can be acquired from having mice around your food.

Overall, living with mice is just not a positive situation. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Mice are attracted to the same thing in your house that most other pests are: food and shelter. Voracious eaters, as we mentioned, securing anything they might find delicious is wise. They are omnivorous in the wild, but when they begin living inside, mice quickly develop a taste for your food.

Food might not be the only reason that mice are living in your home, especially in the winter and spring, even in the warm climate of Brevard County. Shelter is a huge reason that mice thrive right alongside humans; we give them a place to live while simultaneously taking away any of their natural enemies.

Unlike food, the issue of shelter is something often best left the Brevard county pest control professionals only; Mice can find even the smallest crack in your home and live in incredibly small crevices within your walls and attics. Detecting a mouse house is job one, but often the most difficult. So, if you are experiencing issues with mice in Brevard County, contact the local gurus at Apex Pest Control today at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit and will always get back to you within 24 hours.

Four DIY Cockroach Extermination Methods That Don’t Work

cockroach-1572632_1920Relentless, and at this point, something of a state insect, cockroaches in Florida are well-known to both tourists and locals alike. They are hardy, adaptable, and enjoy the sultry Brevard County climate just fine. Nearly all structures in Central Florida will see a cockroach from time to time (or a palmetto bug, depending on your local nomenclature), but this pest can become a problem in numbers. Extricating an established group of cockroaches is a tricky task, one best left to professionals in Brevard County pest control at Apex. So synonymous are these creepy creatures with our area that over the years, some urban legends and DIY approaches to rid your home of them have surfaced.

Most, if not all, just aren’t effective. Here’s a quick list of some of the strategies we’ve heard over the years:


  • Citrus Attack


It’s been said through the decades that cockroaches detest citrus flavor. They don’t. Cockroaches would find themselves perfectly at home inside anything from an orange peel to a citrus grove. There’s just no validity to this one. Now, some would say that cleaning with citrus scented chemicals helps, but just cleaning often helps the most. The citrus likely has nothing to do with it.


  • Catnip


This one probably reaches beyond the state border, but whatever the origin, there’s no evidence that the materials in catnip are repellent to roaches. There’s even another technique that includes boiling catnip and using the remaining water as repelling spray. Just call a professional; catnip doesn’t work.


  • Cucumbers


Another food-related concept is that cucumbers in concentrate both attract and then kill cockroaches. Most food will indeed attract roaches (or damaged wood, or water, or soda, or a lot of things, really), but there’s never been any validity to the idea that cucumbers are lethal to roaches. If anything, it might just be the healthiest thing they eat all week.


  • Beer Traps


This DIY gem goes like this: wet some cloth, put it in an open container you can close, wait for the roaches to pile in and then toss them out when you’ve attracted the majority. There are a few problems with this (as we’d bet you’ve already picked up on). Although beer does attract cockroaches, attracting them is never a good idea, and you’ll never collect them all. And also, who wants to deal with a smelly beer bucket of roaches?

Cockroaches are difficult to deal with. One myth that actually is true is that cockroaches can live for about a week without their heads. When dealing with these loathsome pests, there are many reasons to contact Brevard County pest control experts at Apex. Headless or not. Contact us at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit and will always get back to you within 24 hours.

Tropical Bed Bugs are Back

sad-1930479_1920Brevard County, along with most of Central Florida, has a unique climate. But those along the coast are particularly inured to tropical plants and animals due to the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean’s engine of warmth, the Gulf Stream. Because of the nearby oceans, temperatures rarely go below freezing and are often much warmer, even throughout the winter, then many inland counties. Tropical is the climate, and so then are the potential bugs. Experts in Brevard county pest control are a must when dealing with an ever-shifting array of crawling creatures, and one insect that has re-emerged recently is especially concerning: the tropical bed bug.

All bed bugs are not created equal, and this species is especially worrisome because of its ability to reproduce at an incredible rate. Researchers from the University of Florida were able to positively identify this version of the bed bug in Brevard County only. This marks the first time it has been found in the state, or anywhere in the South, since the 1940s. The identification occurred on Merritt Island with a family that had reported specifically relentless bed bugs near a wildlife preserve (the Ulumay Sanctuary to be exact). However, researchers were quick to point out that the preserve likely had little to do with these bed bugs turning up; the most common theory is that this pest vanquished for nearly 60 years and, perhaps, returned via the nearby Port Canaveral (the busiest passenger port on the planet).

Brevard has many threat sources from tropical bugs: a perfect climate, a huge commuter and goods port, a mix of residential and rural areas for habitat, and large regions of both salt and fresh water. Brittany Campbell, a member of the University of Florida team that lead the study, believes that although Brevard does have specific risk factors for the tropical bed bug, anywhere in Florida could find themselves in the crosshairs: “As long as you have people traveling and moving bed bugs around, there is a real potential for this species to spread and establish in homes and other dwellings.” This is similar to the spread of regular bed bugs. After travels up north, it is likely that many people bring hitch-hiker bed bugs back to Florida.

Over the years, bed bugs have grown generally resistant to common forms of wide-use pesticides. The UF team asked anyone locally who suspects bed bugs to send in samples if possible. This request highlights the concern brought about by this discovery. Tropical bed bugs are a nasty variant of the more common form of the pest, found throughout parts of the United States. Both can be contained with some simple steps: eliminate clutter and keep your sheets clean (it’s also a good idea to thoroughly wash any clothing you take overseas before bringing it into your home). Even with many preventative measures, bed bugs are notoriously hard to eliminate. This is all the more reason to call the Brevard pest control experts at Apex if you sense you have a problem. Reach our professional technicians at 866-675-4070 for more information and estimates.

Preventing Unwanted Holiday Decor Guests

snow-man-1872167_1920The holidays in Florida are a terrific time: family, friends, perfect weather, and beaches. One thing that can certainly ruin the fun, however, is unwanted pests in your holiday gear. As it sits in your attic, garage, or shed over the long, humid Florida months, these bags and boxes become little condominiums for all kinds of creatures and critters. Brevard County pest control is a year-round engagement, but with the holiday season, your pest preparedness becomes extra critical as you and your family handle odd décor possibly brimming with bugs. But there are some easy things you can do, in addition to calling the local experts at Apex pest control, that will help you get through yet another holiday season.

For one, know thy enemy; common bugs that may find themselves at home in holiday boxes can be varied, but generally we locally find cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, and even the odd mouse. Some of these, of course, are benign and may scuttle away at the first opening of the holiday attic, but others can be of more concern. In Brevard County, brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders can be the main danger to small children and pets. With that in mind, here are some tips to help secure your holiday gear:

  • No cardboard: It’s tempting because it’s so easy, but try your best to not store things in cardboard boxes. They not only fail in keeping pests out, but actually act as a safe haven for many. Easily gnawed into and nested, a holiday cardboard box sitting in a Florida attic for 11 months might as well act as a cockroach paradise. Plastic containers, fully sealed, are a much better choice. Additionally, garbage bags aren’t of much help either.
  • Don’t Keep it All: What do you need to keep, and what can you easily get the next holiday season? The more clutter, the better for bugs over those long periods when you aren’t using the holiday gear. Some things are just better to replace, and for the things you absolutely must keep, see above on proper storage.
  • Check your electronics: Reiterated every year because of its importance, especially in the punishing humid and moist climate of Central Florida, but always check all your lights, plugs, and holiday electronics before re-installing them for the holiday season. A little duct tape can go a long way here, and pests in garages can make wires exposed in no time at all.

Simple but important, these simple tips can go a long way towards having safer holiday décor this season and next. When it comes to Brevard County pest control, it’s always a good idea to call in the experts at Apex Pest Control. We can identify potential trouble spots before they become ones, and we offer a free, no obligation inspection and quote at 866-675-4070.

You’ve Seen Cockroaches: Here’s What’s Next

7F2A3739Ack, there one goes! And another! Cockroaches on the run in a Brevard County home! Now what? If you’ve lived in Florida for any amount of time, odds are you’ve run into a few cockroaches, but in your home, where there is one (or two, or three), there is almost certainly many more somewhere nearby. The species vary, and the environments around Brevard County offer ample space for these bothersome creatures to find their footing, but generally, you’ll be looking at German cockroaches and American cockroaches (colloquially known as palmetto bugs). Getting rid of cockroaches can be extremely difficult, and the experts in Brevard County pest removal at Apex are here to help at any time. But first, here are a few things you can do yourself when you’ve spotted the elusive cockroach.

  • Investigate: First, you need to figure out how big the problem is, and if it’s big enough, this shouldn’t be difficult. As we mentioned, cockroaches are very common in Florida and especially Brevard County with our many rivers and saltwater shallows. One or two may not be cause for real concern, but it’s always a good idea to be certain. Check hidden areas and any high clutter spots specifically (also, try looking at night).
  • Caulking: Roaches are highly skilled at getting into small areas, but that doesn’t mean you should not try to stop them. A little caulking in gaps near windows and doors can go a long way.
  • Gel bait: Gel bait can work fantastically with a small amount of roaches; it is also a pretty good test for exactly how big of an issue you have. One of the problems with gel bait, however, is that it does not give you a good idea of where the recently dead roaches have been living. Glue strips can often help in that respect.
  • Roach hotels: Tried and true, these really do work: they are also basically little plastic containers containing poison, not ideal for pets and children, obviously. Try placing them in high and impossible to reach places for the safest results, and never place outside (you’ll be hurting the environment surrounding your home more than anything).
  • Call the professionals: Which segues perfectly into the next tip for taking care of a roach problem: call in the pros. There is no way to quickly and effectively rid your home than by calling Apex.

Brevard County pest removal can be a tricky business, which is all the more reason to call in the best in local management at Apex. Contact us at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no obligation quote and visit and will always get back to you within 24-hours.

Carpenter Ants Can Eat You Out of House & Home

ant-45806_1280Brevard County pest control experts are overly familiar with carpenter ants. We are a county overrun by many outdoors wooden structures and have a year-round tropical climate that suits pests just fine. Our wooden structures are exposed not only to the relentless Florida sun, but to the salt-air that corrodes away at them from the nearby ocean and our Indian River Lagoon. In short, this is prime carpenter ant country. If you see or suspect a carpenter ant infestation on your property it’s important to contact the Brevard County pest control experts at Apex as soon as possible. Carpenter ants have the same basic destructive properties as termites and are not to be taken lightly.

Some random level of carpenter ants should be expected around most Central Florida areas. Dispensing of them only becomes an issue when an infestation is taking place. But when one does, it is vital that professionals are brought in. The ants don’t actually eat wood; they just chew it, which, in large numbers, can almost become more destructive than termites. But there are some things you can do to identify whether or not you have a quickly developing problem:

  • Sawdust: As mentioned above, the ants don’t actually consume wood, they just chew it. This leaves notable trails of sawdust and often large groupings of shredded wood. If this dust, or the destroyed wood, does not have an obvious culprit, carpenter ants may indeed be a suspect.
  • Damp Wood: The easier the wood, the more attractive to the ants. Wood such as that used in docks, treated woods, and hardwood will have a much lower chance of falling prey to carpenter ants. They look for softer woods, and consistently damp wood fits this description. Keep an eye on your kitchen and bathrooms in particular.
  • Eggs: Carpenter ants have a distinctive type of egg, and too many of these eggs can often mean many ants. The perimeter of your property (fences, decks, etc.) is important to monitor here. These ants favor outdoor structures.

If any of these symptoms sound like things that are occurring on your property, a call to the Brevard County pest control experts at Apex may be in order. Our carpenter ant specialists have a variety of techniques and treatments available for your home or business to reduce and eradicate this damaging pest. Not to mention, more tips and ideas for avoiding them. Feel free to call 866-675-4070 for more information and estimates.

Here Is How to Scare off Fall Pests

leaf-2012_1920It’s early fall on the coast of Florida, and the fall pests are beginning to stir. With the help of the Brevard County pest control experts at Apex, keep pests out year-round.

This time of year is a prime season for pests and rodents to move from the previously cozy confines of your lawn to the inside of your house. Temperature drops and a less stable climate, along with less abundant rainfall, push many indoors. One thing to always remember about pests is that, often, prevention is much easier than removal. Not only that, but removal usually only comes after there has been some damage. So let’s avoid that and start with a simple list of things you can do to help secure your home this fall.

  • Seal Your Home: Most Floridians savor the first cold front of the fall as a terrific time to open the windows and let in some fresh air. And it is, but those screens have cracked and warped over the hot summer months, becoming easy access for pests. Check any area of the house that may be opened up for the winter months.
  • Moisture: This is your enemy and a pest’s best friend. Commonly, insects and rodents are looking to get into your house not primarily for the cover, but for the consistent supply of fresh water: something harder to find in the fall and winter months in Brevard County. By cutting off the water, you are cutting off a reason for them to even be there.
  • Seal Food & Remove Garbage: Again, very simple, but with the windows open and the air flowing from inside to out, even the slightest crack in the cookie jar can be sensed for some distance in the outside pest world. It’s also generally a wise idea to have all garbage removed as far from your house as physically possible.

These are a few very simple tips for keeping fall festive, not full of irritating pests. If you are experiencing current problems with pests, or need a preventative look over from the Brevard County pest control experts at Apex pest control, contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection and quote.


Roaches & Restaurants: Just Straight Up Bad for Business

restaurant-449952_12802Roaches and restaurants just do not mix. A restaurant of any kind that has this particular Florida pest in abundance can be devastating. And a roach issue can cascade from fines to employee health and customer safety. Roaches are relentless, but in Brevard County, no pest control experts are better at dealing with them than those at Apex. Their trained and certified Brevard County pest control experts can rid your business of even the worst level of infestation.

Mainly, roaches are attracted to structures for some pretty simple reasons: food, water, and shelter. They are adaptable creatures that can survive off of very little, and they can enter into the smallest of spaces. Once imbedded (and this is particularly true if your business is located in an older Brevard building) roach populations can be very difficult to remove in full.

But removed they must be, as roaches pose both a health risk and a risk of reputation to any Brevard County-area business they might become common in. A restaurant cannot even operate without passing health inspections; inspections that often cover this pest specifically. Sometimes before moving into the realm of roach removal, easy steps can be taken to prevent them. These steps include cutting out unnecessary food sources, noting what water they may have access to, and keeping closed-off areas of your business free from general clutter (roaches, in short, need cover).

When thinking about pest management as a brick and mortar business, you should be considering it right alongside equally critical factors such as inventory and location. A pest-free business is the bedrock of a success; it is essential. When starting a new business, look to the Brevard County county pest control experts at Apex to help you along the way. We offer no cost inspections and quotes, as well as full-service plans that will keep your property protected for years to come. From prevention based maintenance to in-depth examinations before you move into a property, Apex’s technicians can identify problem areas and find remedies to fix them. Call us today at 866-675-4070, or contact us through this website for more information and to set up a time for an inspection. A pest-free business is the first step to a successful one.

Learn Why Clutter May be Responsible for Your Pests

clutter-560701_1920Clutter in a home acts as a natural environment for many pest populations. And clutter is a broad term that fits many definitions, but basically, keeping your home or outdoor area free of trash and general debris makes it less inviting for pests. Insects, for the most part, need cover to thrive and survive. By providing it around your home, you are making an artificial environment that will be quickly filled by some creature or another.

By keeping household areas clear and clean, you have taken away one of the biggest reasons pests have for moving indoors and into your home. Sometimes, this can be subtle and sometimes not. But it’s always a good idea to have guidance from your local Brevard County pest control experts at Apex as we can advise you on the best pest control practices and the most common mistakes in trying to keep a pest-free home. In the meantime, here are areas in your home to look for in terms of clutter:

  • Food: Food! It’s that simple. Leave nothing out: crumbs, stains, a glass of fruit punch. Anything and everything attract pests in the food department, and there is no greater form of clutter that creates pest risks. It’s absolutely critical that you stay on top of this.
  • Paper & Fabric: This may seem a little unimportant, but many pests see paper plates and long-standing types of fabric as food. If you have a collection of fabric that hasn’t moved for a solid period of time, there’s a good chance some sort of pest has moved in.
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms: It seems obvious because it is. Your kitchen and bathrooms are the utmost nexus points for pest, kitchens because of the food and bathrooms because of the moisture. Keep on top of these two areas in terms of clutter and the rest of the home will follow.
  • Outdoors: Sometimes the biggest problem comes from outside. Consider your backyard and the areas around your house as a red carpet for pests: once rolled up, the guests stop arriving.

And if you think you have pest problems that relate to clutter, feel free to call the experts in Brevard County pest control at Apex at 866-675-4070. We can clear out trouble areas and provide solutions in the future. Offering no-cost inspections and quotes and minimum 24-hour response time, Apex Pest Control is a godsend in the world of pest control.

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