While a licensed pest control company knows all about bed bugs and how they travel, there is a misconception about where you can find them. Bed bugs are not just found on bed sheets and mattresses within your home or a hotel.

Apex Pest technician looking for bed bugs with a flashlight

They can be found just about anywhere because of their great traveling techniques.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs typically look for places that are dark and relatively close to humans — or at least close to areas that humans frequent. Here are some of the places bed bugs might hide:

  • Stuffed animals: The soft, plushy surfaces of stuffed animals make it easy for bed bugs to hide undetected.
  • Outlets and lights: Bed bugs can fit underneath the plastic and metal outlet covers to hide in the dark.
  • Furniture: Once bed bugs have come into your home, they will find any place humans most often occupy, such as beds, couches, chairs and more.
  • Picture frames: These provide a dark place for bed bugs to hide whether they are on a table or hanging on the wall.
  • Dressers/closets: Bed bugs can stay on the clothing you wear.
  • Books: Bed bugs can squeeze into the pages of a book and use this to travel between rooms.
  • Carpet edges/baseboards: Bed bugs are able to get into the smallest cracks of your home, including underneath baseboards and the edges of the carpet.

How Do Bed Bugs Travel?

The most common means of travel for bed bugs are by clothing, which is how bed bugs can travel from a hotel to your home. Here are some other items bed bugs will use for transportation:

  • Purses: Bed bugs can crawl into purses to conceal themselves, while also maintaining close proximity to a human being.
  • Airplanes, trains, and buses: As people travel, bed bugs can be found in luggage and any piece of clothing a person is wearing.
  • Rental vehicles/campers: Bed bugs can crawl off of clothing and get into any crevice they can fit themselves.
  • Wheelchairs: If a person uses a wheelchair at a hospital or another facility, it’s possible for bed bugs to then get on that person’s clothes or other belongings.
  • Movie theaters: Movie theaters provide a dark place to hide and plenty of people.
  • School: Children and teachers can unknowingly be carrying bed bugs and transferring them to others.

Rid Your Home of Bed Bugs With Apex Pest Control

Bed bugs can turn into infestations very quickly because their typical hiding places are likely not often checked, but if they’ve made their way into your space, they don’t have to rule your life. Contact Apex Pest Control today to have your home professionally treated against these parasites.