cat-233367_1280It seems like a simple solution: you find a nest of mice, so you show it to your cat. Why does your cat run the other way? That never happens on cartoons! The Tampa pest control team at Apex Pest Control is a much better solution to a mouse infestation than your friendly house pet. Read below for a series of reasons why cats should not be the answer to your mouse problem.

  • Cats Don’t Love Eating Mice: Surprisingly, most cats are not great mousers. Female felines are generally regarded as better at protecting their territory from mice or other small animals, but even females are often too complacent to carry off the duties of a mouser. By the time you found, adopted, and trained a superb mouser, your mouse population would be out of control.
  • Size Matters: Cats may be small, but they cannot access many of the places mice hide. If you have a nest of mice in the attic, basement, crawl space, or in a woodpile outside, your cat may be able to corner the mice, but not eliminate them. Likewise, mice can enter your home through dime-sized holes in the floor or foundation, a faulty screen on a window, or through a hole drilled for a pipe that is no longer in use. Mice in the attic usually turn into mice in the walls. While cats – and you – can hear their little feet pattering around between the wall panels, the only way you can access the mouse is by drilling holes through your plaster. This may work in cartoons, but in real life, it is just not practical.
  • Mice Can Carry Disease: Mice carry diseases and parasites. If your little fluffy pet happens to catch a mouse, it may be bitten while it is playing with its prey. The bite can pass along diseases, and the parasites that call the mouse home can quickly transfer from mouse to cat without difficulty.
  • The Way Mice Multiply: Two mice can rapidly become a family of mice, and a month later another generation of mice has taken up residence. The balance is too overwhelming for you to rely on your feline friend to track and attack an entire mouse colony.

The best way to prevent mice is to ensure mice have no access to your home. Check for small cracks and fissures that would allow these tiny creatures to enter through your attic, in your home, in the garage, and in the crawlspace. Also, make your home less hospitable to mice: keep food securely contained in plastic or glass containers since mice chew through plastic bread bags and storage bags, eliminate food crumbs from the floor by sweeping and vacuuming frequently, and clean out any long-standing built-in bins or closets in your garage or shed since these are perfect locations for mice to nest.

Apex Pest Control has trained technicians who specialize in small rodent removal. They can assess the situation and either locate the nesting sites of your mouse populations or set out bait traps to poison the mice. If you do find mice or would like to prevent them altogether, call Apex at 866-675-4070, and we will send out our Tampa pest control team to eliminate or prevent your mouse problem.