christmas-tree-1149919_1920The holidays present some interesting challenges for both lawn maintenance and pest care, especially in Florida. While other climates may be able to kick back and let the ice take care of pest control; Tampa pest removal can be far more complex as the warm holiday season moves along. Holiday decorations, in particular, present their own little set of issues, as objects and structures that have probably been stored in an attic for many long summer months suddenly emerge into your lawn: perhaps with critters in tow. So below are just a few simple things to keep in mind to keep your Tampa area lawn in good shape through the season:

  • Visitors and foot-traffic: With the season comes family and friends; both great things, but both can bring damage to a front lawn. And if you have a truly spectacular holiday display in mind, you may have crowds damaging sprinkler systems (vital in the winter) and kicking up sod.
  • Fire Hazards: All those lights and holiday related electronics sitting on seasonally dry grass and leaves is always something to keep an eye on. Making sure your connections are strong and no loose wiring is exposed to the open environment are good and easy steps to ensure you are safely celebrating the season with kilowatts.
  • Dead grass: And of course, large-scale holiday decorations are going to block all sunlight and water access for your delicate sod and plants. An easy thing to do is just move everything around, slightly, every few days.

Other good holiday tips for lawn ornaments (as well as lights) include putting everything on a timer and watering your lawn a bit extra. As noted, we don’t get nearly as much rain in the winter months, but we do get plenty of sun. Lawns can dry up quickly, creating possibly dangerous environments when matched with odd running electricity. As long as your decorations are securely insulated and managed, water is a better option than a dry lawn. And timers can be purchased cheaply and installed easily; cutting down both foot-traffic (when necessary) and a waste of power.

Of course, when considering the pest aspect of holiday lawn care, it’s critical to think both of the new types of creatures which emerge this time of year as well as the ways to prepare for them. Tampa pest removal is an art form, one best practiced with experts and cutting edge technology. Your friendly technicians at Apex pest control have served the local community for many years and know all the tricks and pratfalls that come with the holiday season. Call today for a free, no obligation inspection and quote at 866-675-4070 and feel secure this winter.