7F2A3952The world of pest control technology is constantly evolving, and in a pest-friendly climate like Tampa, this is indeed a good thing. In our local area, whether you see them or not, there is always a solid chance that you have some form of pest crawling around on the inside of your house. When they become problematic, treating these bugs can often take a good amount of guesswork (not to mention time) on the part of the homeowner. That’s assuming that you know you even have a problem; many Florida pests, like termites, can cause a great deal of damage before you can even sense they are present in a home. With all this in mind, the Tampa pest control experts at Apex came up with a revolutionary treatment system: PIPELINE™.

Here’s how it works; this innovative system is installed inside the interior walls of your home, twisting around in a complex but accurate design that culminates with a simple secure junction box on the outside wall of your building. After installation of the PIPELINE™ system, technicians can swing by your home and inject pest control products. The areas of your home that don’t need treatment are never touched by pesticides as they do their work from within the walls of your home. The effect is a protective shell around your dwelling that acts to turn back bugs without you ever even noticing.

No sprays, no fumes, no need to even set up a time for the “bug man” to be let into your property: our technicians, when working with the PIPELINE™ system, can do everything they need safely and effectively, at any time, from that one outdoor junction box. Any future maintenance (if the system needs servicing), is handled completely by Apex. This adds a tremendous value to your home, in the form of a built-in pest control system, and helps save additional money because you never need extra appointments, sprays, or other treatment forms.

The advantages of the PIPELINE™ system go further then that still. We use a dust system (as opposed to a liquid solvent) that adds a very specific value: no need to worry about staining or reactions in your walls. There are no fumes, and the dust carries zero mold. Not only that, but with the precision of this system, we can actively monitor the settings on your home, allowing us to use the absolute minimum in pest control solutions as is deemed possible.

So whether building a new home or looking for added innovative protection in one already standing, look to the Tampa pest control experts at Apex and the incredible PIPELINE™ system. For more information, contact us at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit and always get back to you within 24 hours.