wolf spidersDuring the winter months, some types of pests die off, while others hibernate. For other pests, the winter is business as usual. This latter group of pests can cause problems for people during the cold weather. We recommend watching out for these three all-season pests this winter.


Termite activity in the southern United States is consistently higher than other parts of the country. Orlando has even been ranked one of the most-termite infested cities in the country. Unfortunately, Floridians don’t get a break from termite problems in the winter months. Some termites swarm in the fall and reproduce into February.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, your firewood could bring termites indoors this winter. As a precaution, store your firewood on a raised platform away from the house. Before bringing any wood inside, thoroughly inspect it for termites.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are indoor pests, so they don’t die out during the winter months. They can be found in hotels, retail stores, buses, and pretty much anywhere else that people gather. These pests are great hitchhikers, and they can latch onto your clothes or luggage and follow you at home.

If you stay at a hotel or at someone else’s house, carefully check the sheets and mattress for signs of bed bug activity. If you think you’ve brought bed bugs home with you, wash the clothes you’re wearing right away. Vacuuming your home frequently can help remove any bed bugs that have successfully hitchhiked into your home.


Spiders are all-season pests, so don’t be surprised if you some crawling around this winter. Some types of spiders live indoors all year long. Others spend their lives outdoors but could enter your home to look for food.

To control spiders, focus on controlling the bugs that they like to eat, like ants, flies, and roaches. Find and seal openings in your home’s exterior to make it harder for outdoor spiders to slip inside. Vacuum your entire house regularly to get rid of spider egg sacs and webs.

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